Dollzone Tinies: 11.5cm to 19.5cm Size

Feb 18, 2013

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      There is also a separate discussion thread for the DZ Flower Fairies:


      Hello! Saturday I got my Fa, and is very happy! She makes me smile with her angry face inside the happy, yellow flower. This is an tread there we can dicuss whats fit for the limited Fa and Re and everything about them. Show a picor just talk about the posingand so on.

      Remember that this topic and tread is not for Do and Mi, cause their are not on topic because of the stubby body. If you have Fa or Re on the stubby body, they are off topic too.

      Lets talk about Fa and Re and 12 cm jointed body! Yes, letstalk small (did you said small talk? Yes please).
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    2. First I am wondering, does some of puki clothes fit? Haveanyone tried? And it is them for puki puki in that case?

      And then I will show you Alberta picking Fa:

      [​IMG]Flower Power by doll a la carte, on Flickr
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    3. hi :) I was looking for a thread for all the dollzone "music" fairies but I couldn't find one.. could you change this one for all of them if you like? :P
      anyway I have a Re, she's sooo cute but her body is not the best, maybe because I'm used to fairyland poseability or maybe because she has a head too big, I can barely make her stand.. that said, I don't want you to change your mind about getting one, they're very special ^^ I have also another doll that can't even stand but I like too much her tiny face to part with her :P
    4. actually also Do and Mi could be chosen with the 12cm body! so they could be in the thread too :)

      I have a Re and she's wearing Kelly/Shelly clothes, she can't wear Kelly shoes though (at least the ones I have). I don't know the eye size either, I think maybe it's 10 but I don't have other 10mm eyes at home :/
      here's a comparison picture with pukipuki and realpuki
    5. New thread picspam!

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    6. Some old picspam of Yarrow... A bit smaller than 16 cm, actually, but there's no thread for the smaller-than-BB dolls...

      Yarrow Witch by Takoda LaPerms, on Flickr
    7. Does anyone know how the new body compares to a Felix small comfort? I am pretty sure it's bigger but I'm dead curious for a comparison for this new baby...
    8. My Ponchik (Ginger) waves a little hi to all!

      by za-ba, on Flickr
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    9. Hi everyone, I am kind of butting in here to ask a question, but before I do, I just wanted to say how adorable Coral and the other one - can't remember his name are! I was so bummed I wasn't able to get them, and was eagerly awaiting owner pics. :D

      And now, I was wondering if anyone could help me out. Does anyone that follows this thread have a deer boy? I posted an separate thread asking this, but haven't gotten anything. I am sewing this for someone who isn't getting back to me for whatever reason, and I am really wanted to get it done. If someone could help me out with 2 measurements.

      This is what I need:

      Where the collarbones come together in the front down to the bottom of his crotch.

      From the top of his shoulder down to his hip.

      If anyone could help me out, that would be great. If no one can, then that's okay, and sorry for crashing in on this thread!
    10. My Emily
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    11. :fangirl: That little face is the cutest Art0lli - and those tiny dragons - squeeee!
    12. The new 11,5cm babies Yu and Teng are very cute! I am waiting for Yu in normal pink skin :) I wonder how long the waiting time will be.
    13. ArtOlli, oh, Emily is so beautiful! Love her so much :D

      My Arina
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    14. I also love deer babies, unfortunately I don't have any at home... But I have a ladybug :)

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    15. Zor'ka, happy to see you! :D
    16. Just dropping by with Amelia being cute.

    17. I just put down a downpayment for a Deer Boy~ I'm so excited to finally (almost) have him! ;u; Anyone else have a Deer Boy they can spam for me?