Dollzone tiny clothes

Jun 7, 2007

    1. Anyone know where a person can get clothes to fit a Dollzone Ani?
    2. bump this.
    3. We will be adding some more selection to the BB clothing we carry at Featherfall ( ); currently we have kimono, fantasy and pirate clothes - this coming month we'll be introducing casual - and we carry the new DZ shoes for them. ;)

      Aside from that - well, someone mentioned in another thread that the clothes for Tonner's Ann Estelle 10" dolls fit fairly well. :) Not sure about the shoes though.
    4. Thanks! I will take a look!
    5. I'm knitting and crocheting ooak clothes/outfits, currently modeled by 10" Ann Estelle by Tonner while waiting for my own DZ baby, but I know they will fit the DZ tinies, as well as several other tinies in this size range ;) ).
      For now I only have girl stuff, but will make for boys too.
      PM me if interested in pics etc.