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DollZone Virgil Discussion Thread

Mar 21, 2011

    1. For Allygator: Virgil comes with standard hands, not jointed ones!
    2. He looks cool! xD Reminds me of Irvine from FFVIII

      Just the hair and cowboy-ish-ness going on there. ;)
    3. He is gorgeous, no doubt but I just want his outfit! <3
    4. I wonder if we're going to see more cowboy themed dolls? Didn't Iple just release one? This guy reminds me too much of Iple's cowboy.
    5. I'm so so glad Virgil is a DZ @-@ Was worried it was Ringdoll for a moment. Wow he is so hawt! >< I want him so bad... noooooooooooo must save. >< *sighs* DZ is officially Ebil again!!

      Edit: Carmarillia do mean Arvid? Yes, they are both Cowboy themed, but Arvid is more an Outlaw and Virgil is more a Sheriff. ;) I love the Wild West =3
    6. I'm liking his moody sculpt!
    7. He makes me wish I had more money! I'm glad the sculpt is not limited. Though his clothes are so cool too!
    8. Virgil......like his name and he is handsome too! I wonder if his brother is Wyatt by any chance;)
    9. Yes definitely a handsome boy! I like his rugged looks. I wonder if they will create a female counterpart for him later on? :)
    10. Oh good lord, all I want is that outfit... It would be perfect for my Huckster!!! Can you say split w/layaway? lol
    11. Arvid is pretty handsome too, I hadn't seen him before. Probably for the best that he's sold out, since with all the options I would have chosen he'd be pretty darn costly. lol
      Virgil just might be on my list now! :D
    12. Oh! I just stumbled upon Virgil and I am in love with him! And with his outfit! I need to find a way to bring him home to me.
    13. He is the most manly mold i've ever come across. Default make up suits him perfectly, custom - not at all. And default wig suits perfectly. Hope i'll own one Dollzone Virgil some day )))
    14. Ordered head!!! Waiting....