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Dollzone Yi and Shuang

May 3, 2008

    1. So lately I have been floating around Junkyspot in search of a doll. I found one (DZ HID) but I saw these two dolls for sale in the Dollzone section that had no pictures. So I figured that Doll-zone.com would have the pictures for them, but the weren't even listed there.

      The doll are 1/4 DZ Shuang and 1/4 DZ Yi.

      Does anybody here have pictures of one let alone own one? Have you even even see one? XD

      I would be loved guys. thanks in advance♥
    2. They still have some on Junkyspot but they are only tan. I was looking for pictures too. Thanks a lot for the information though ^^♥
    3. like caroyln said they were discountinued a long time ago....my friend has a Yi but he is slightly modded...i have a Xi...there similar in sculpt. Um there was a shaung for sale not to long ago in the market place,...do a gallery search for him?
    4. can someone post a pic. i want to see, even if they were discontinued.