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Dollzone Yuu discussion

Apr 11, 2011

    1. I just did a search and could not find a discussion thread about Yuu. I saw that other DZ molds had their own. So I thought I would start one about Him.

      I have a Tan Yuu named Yuuchun. I love him to pieces. I do not see many Yuus around. We have to change that.:)show us your Yuu.

      here are my 2 Yuu s YuuChun, and YuuKwon

    2. I just shared this pic on the Dollzone discussion thread, but since this is all about Yuu I'll post it here too. I would love to see your Yuu as well MissGaGa.

    3. Just joining in. I have had my DZ 70cm Yuu (Arthur) since May-ish. I bought him secondhand on Craigslist, and I love him. He poses quite well, although I'm bad about taking photos. I cleaned and restrung and blushed him, and I gave him his first face-up. I'm extremely pleased with the blushing, although I know my face-up skills will need to keep improving. I did just glue in his first eyelashes, though, so I'm happy about that.

      I am not sure which body type he is. I do know that his face was modded by the previous owner. He sanded down the lips and nose a little, and gave him tiny elf ears (sanded, not sculpted, so they are pretty easy to miss, but cute when you notice them).

      I love you Yuu, Ryoko. He has such a nice dusky complexion. I'd love to see lots more pictures!
    4. Here's my guy. His lips, cheeks, nose, and ears were modded by his previous owner, but I really like the way his face is shaped now. Pardon the mediocre picture. ;)

    5. Love the Yuu photos! I have quite a few BJDs and I honestly think Yuu is my favorite of them all. I don't have any photos to share at the moment, but I really enjoy seeing everyone else's, so I hope there'll be lots added here.
    6. I have a Dollzone Yuu, Noble. He is my oldest doll (I sold my first) and has been here with me since 2008. There is just something special about the Yuu sculpt that caught my attention and held it. I'm also quite fond of the weight of the large dolls.

      he has been through a lot of changes in 3 years but I think I finally have him as I want him.
    7. I'm anxiously awaiting a Yuu that was ordered at the end of June/beginning of July. <3 He'll be my first SD, first doublejointed resin... I'm excited and nervous at the same time. XD He's going to be so biiiiiig, and so delightfully posable!

      My very first doll was almost a Yuu... But I was taken aback by the size of SDs at the time so I opted for an MSD. But noooow, over three years laterrrrr, I'm the proud owner of a floating Yuu head with a full doll due any day now to the dealer. XD! And once my ice demon arrives, I'll be sure to post his piccu here! Maybe we'll get more Yuu owners posting their lovelies for my ... our veiwing pleasures 8D
    8. ^
      I'm looking forward to your Yuu pictures! :) I really like Yuu now, even though I hated his sculpt before...:sweat And just when I'm beginning to love him in tan, DZ discontinues their tan skin. :doh But I'm in no hurry, I'll just wait and see, there will be an opportunity for a tan Yuu, this combination seems especially popular!
    9. I want to see more Dollzone Yuu!:fangirl:
    10. I'm in a payment-plan for a second-hand Yuu and he's so handsome. I cannot wait to get him here and take photos ^^
      As a new member to the BJD collectors world does anyone know if they catorgorize as SD's if so what size (e.g. SD13's, SD16's etc.)
      I want to buy him clothes but I don't know what size to look for.
    11. Welcome Muffinz.:)
      A Yuu is a 70cm SD, so you need SD70 and SD17 works as well.

      Here is a Pic of my DZ Yuu. His name is YuuChun

    12. He is so very handsome and I love the angle ^^
      His eyes are gorgeous!
      Now I know, I'm probably going to end up spending the rest of
      the afternoon looking at clothes for him.
      Thank you so much for your helpful reply!

    13. any more pics of Yuu to tempt me? Dollzone are DISCONTINUING this lovely guy soon :...(
    14. You still need tempting?! Why aren't you convinced yet? :)

      Well here is one of mine (can't take a new one at the moment as his body is on loan).

    15. ahhhhh :love oh I'm convinced anyway - just fighting it hard! So yes as I'm fighting it so hard, I need even more temptation :XD: