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Dollzone Yuu - new version fullset

Nov 13, 2007

    1. Hi All,

      Dollzone will be putting a new version of Yuu on sale from the 15th of November.

      He will be available as a full set but only in Tan resin.

      The full set includes clothing, boots, wig and a special faceup. Not the knife included in the following teaser pics though. ;)

      Full set will be priced at $659.00. Clothing, boots, wig and special faceup can be purchased separately.

      If you think that his resin colour seems a bit darker, then you would be correct. Dollzone are switching to a darker tan resin for their dolls.

      I'll create a news discussion thread for this shortly, so hang on to the questions until I get get it up running. :)




    2. how come i cant find any information from DZ official site?
      and BTW, i love DZ dolls but DZ website is really forever the slowest in the world...= =llll...most of the time i cant even open properly...i think they shld do sth about it.
    3. DZ don't update their site with new dolls until the sale date which in this case is the 15th.

      I've made them aware of the problem with the site. ;)
    4. This is a little OT, but yeah, the site is pretty and all, but that's not much comfort because it doesn't really work for me at all. Stuff just doesn't load. :sweat

      As for the doll, if you don't count the swim cap thing he's got on his head (which is not bad per se, but...), he looks awesome! DZ really knows how to make their dolls look nice. Points for that. :)

      Oh, one more thing! Did I understand correctly... will they use darker resin for all of the new tan dolls? Because I'd be ecstatic if my Hid turned out to be darker than my Fei. :D
    5. Yep, you understood correctly, they are switching to a darker tan resin. I can't be absolutely certain when though as any stock they might have in the older resin might have to go first.
    6. But it's probably safe to assume that the new 1/4 dolls will have the new tan resin? Since I'm getting one of those in December and it would be the icing on the cake. :aheartbea
    7. I'll have to check with DZ tomorrow.
    8. hmm so is there anything else changed from the other Yuu than skin colour? Did not notice any mold changes, but decided to ask since this is called second version..

      But he looks absolutely gorgeous, as Yuu always do! :D
    9. I so want but can't afford at the moment :(. It's not a le is it?
    10. No, he is a standard doll so not LE.

      No changes other than the resin colour but he is the only version of Yuu to be a fullset.
    11. Hey Moggie, would it be safe to assume if one purchased Yuu (fullset) when he goes on sale, they would recieve the new tan skinned Yuu or would they get any old tan skinned dolls left in stock?
    12. I believe so, actually. It looks like they're heading the way of making their TAN a lot darker now.

      Lazuli- the new Yuu actually has a different product code, so you would only be getting the tan new boy if you ordered the fullset. The regular NS and WS Yuu will still be available though.

      As for the boy in question - he can actually be purchased OUTSIDE the fullset too, I believe, and the clothing will also be available separately. You juts got to give us agents the chance to catch up and lay it on our sites, lol. We'll be up and running by the 15th, fear not.
    13. Aleister was a "limited region" doll which means he was produced only for Junky Spot and wasn't available through any other agent.

      This Yuu is a standard so should be available to anyone whereever they are in the world. :)
    14. For some reason, not all replies are being shown in the thread. If you have a question or comment, please go to the discussion thread to ask.

      Michaelmichael........ He is not limited and you will be able to buy him from the 15th of November onwards. Delivery times will be dependant on the individual agent.

      You would have to get a custom faceup if you wanted black eyebrows as the faceup on the limited is as shown. :)
    15. Several responses have been deleted because this is a News thread. Chat posts go in the discussion thread. :)