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DollZone Yuu worth it or not?

Dec 2, 2006

    1. I am completely in love with Yu, the doll from DZ, and was convinced I wanted him, but then I stumbled on a topic somewhere or other, and now I've freaked myself out. I'm willing to look past the whole copying issue (even though it makes me feel a bit iffy) as long as the one I want to get isn't one, but I'm really scared about the resin thing.

      I've been told that the resin quality of DZ dolls is really bad, but not exact details. What's so bad about it, exactly? Is it something that can be ignored?

      Thing is, I also really love the Homme Ducan DoD doll, but he's so expensive to begin with, and that's nude without face-up.

      I've already saved up for ages for Yu, and I'd rather get him, but I just don't want him to fall apart when I do get him, and have to have wasted my money. If I have to, I'll save further for Ducan.

      Any help?

      And also, what are 70cm dolls classed as? Are they 1/3rd still, or something else? Sorry if my questions are answered somewhere else, I'm just so confused at the moment.
    2. I know for sure that the first batch of DZ dolls had very flaky resin that cracked easily. After that first batch (which was all 1/4th girl dolls), I've yet to hear any actual owners complain about resin quality. As I understand it, poor quality resin yellows quickly and cracks easily. I could be wrong, but I haven't heard from someone who actually had a DZ that's reported that.
    3. The court case for the 70cm doll is still going on, it's not been proven if it is a copy or original yet. Just something to keep in mind while you decide.
    4. The 70cm dolls are the ones considered copies, unfortunately ;; Their bodies look an awful lot like Volks's SD16 body, which caused the controversy.

      Something to consider if the body bothers you - DZ and CP white skin match nicely :3 You could get the DZ head mold you want, and a CP Delf body from Luts to put it on.

      I think DZ resin quality has gotten better...? A recent DZ owner would be better suited to answer that, though XD I just spout off random stuff that I hear...
    5. well I have a Ying and I havent had any problems with resin, even after modding him (took a rather large chunk out of each ear) haven't noticed any bubbles or flaking

      he's also pretty robust as even after I've rolled on him (fell asleep :sweat) knocked him off of the bed (numerous times... I fall asleep a lot :sweat) and after he fell off of the ironing board theres still not a single chip or break to show for it
    6. I haven't heard anythin bad about the recent DZ boys or girls (1/4 or 1/3)

      Yu's a pretty cool head and I was tempted to get him too. I heard they pose very nicely for a 70 cm boy (though with Dollmore Kyle on the block I'm not sure where he stands in comparison)

      Might want to get someone to do a review on the DZ boy
    7. Thanks for the help so far!

      From what I'm hearing now, the resin thing isn't a problem, so I'm happy. I am considering getting a different body though (thank you, Celebare!), seeing as that's where the copying issue lies.

      I don't want to deal with body changing issues all that much, though *very lazy*, and I quite like how tall Yu is :P
    8. I don't have one of their tall guys, just two of the minis. I understand the 70cm guys pose beautifully, right out of the box. The 45cm guys did, too.
    9. I haven't heard anything bad about their resin either, and I have several friends that own DZs. From the ones I've handled, their resin seems to be just as good a quality as other dolls I own. On the copying thing--nothing's been proven yet, some people see huge similarities, other people don't. I would just follow your heart on that issue and do what *you* think is best. There are several threads on the issue, if you do a search. If you do decide to go with a different body, I believe Junky Spot sells heads seperatly.
    10. My fiancee has a Dollzone Yuu (Here's a picture of him cutting Homme Ducan out of his box) ;)


      With the wig, he looks a bit more like a DZ Cloud, but he's a Yuu!

      Anyway, his name is Leviathan, and he is SOLID. His resin is lovely, very sturdy, and a nice color. I've got MSD's: a Volks, a Dollmore, and Dream of Dolls (and my fiancee also has an Homme Ducan), and the resin is just as good as any of the others. He stands REALLY well (which is impressive, considering how TALL he is!), his faceup is excellent, and he was a great bargain!

      Overall, I paid around $525-$550 for the doll with a wig (not the one shown), and his complete white outfit (I bought him secondhand), carrying case, and boots.

      As for the moral issue, I have some "reasonable doubts" as to whether the bodies are a copy or not (so I didn't feel bad about buying Yuu for my fiancee). I personally feel that it's an issue for the courts to decide, and if DZ has copied, the courts will stop them. Of course, that's just my opinion. :)
    11. Taco, I'm buying with Junkyspot, so I've seen the heads and thought about going with that option, thank you ^^

      Haha XD

      gorey_ballerina, thank you so much for the picture, and the reassurances. I've decided now that I must have him, he's so beautiful in real life! *gush*
    12. I also have a Yu, and a MSD Fei from DZ and the resin quality is great. They're extremely poseable and lovely to look at. They cop far too much flack in my opinion. If the body is copied, then a court will decide that; it's not up to a board of people here, but from what I know about copyright I can't see how olks will win with the current DZ models (but I only know music copyright so what do I really know). In the end, forget what everyone else says and take what you know:

      -resin quality of all current DZ owners is fantastic and shows none of the earlier problems
      -you love the mould

      does anything else really need to be said? Don't let others dictate what makes you happy. That was what I decided when I bought my first bjd, who is a DZ doll, and he continues to make me very happy.
    13. I have a wing and I can tell you that the resin is very nice, his posing is perfect and he's completely worth the price.
    14. I love my DZ wing. He's very sturdy, has very good resin and he poses very well.
      If you really want the Yu, go for him or you'll probably regret it.
      It all comes down to taste. I keep thinking about this one doll that I haven't gotten, and I miss that opportunity...
      The bodies do look similar, but you shouldn't let other people make up your mind for you.
      I got Wing because I think his body is beautiful, inspired by or not.
      I actually like it better than the Volks one, but that's just a matter of taste.
    15. I have a DZ CLOUD I've had no problems with his resin (though I'm a noob to BJD's so I wouldnt know if there is one)

      the only thing I have noted is that one of his feet feels rough and the other smooth, but its not causing any problems and isnt chipping or anything.

      The only thing I can think of is that I think my DZ doll might have been strung a little incorrectly because hes very awkward to stand up in boots, I have to bend his legs slightly but maybe this is normal?, he will not stand up in boots with his legs straight unless the shoes or boots are completley flat soled.

      I will agree the body and joints look very similar to a volks.

      But I'd say, if you love Yu then go for him. If you'd like some pictures of my Cloud in various poses or some pictures of his body, thats easily sorted ^_^
    16. DZ resin is topnotch - sturdy, smooth, with no seams and no mis-colourings. Furthermore they stand perfectly on their own and are very easy to pose - once you get a hang of all the joints, but that problem exists with other multi-joint dolls as well.

      After I received my DZ Ying I decided never to buy from another company again, because with DZ I know what I get (am pretty disgruntled with what I have experienced and seen from other companies), and from what I heard and experienced their resellers are extremely nice and professional.
    17. I've just bought my second DZ doll from Eden doll. I bought an MSD mowan to become my DZ Cloud's younger brother. I'll let you know how he turns out. ^_^. I too am now a massive fan of DZ and Eden doll are awesome! I am getting 2 free gifts 1 christmas outfit and something for spending over $200

      in total I bought mowan, no faceup
      1 wig
      1 pair of boots
      1/3 carrier bag dollzone brand

      the total came to: $326.00 complete with shipping to the UK. fantastic price! I advise Eden doll for people who love DZ dolls!
    18. Callie_Allie: I'm glad my comments were helpful to you. :)

      Yes, Leviathan gets his share of compliments. ;) The Yuu mold is REALLY an attractive one.

      Be sure to post pics if/when you do order and receive your Yuu! :)