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Dollzone's 5 new dolls!

Dec 15, 2008

    1. Just checked the dollzone's website&discovered 5 new dolls! They looks so cute&pretty :fangirl:

      Reiko is limited
      &time sale from 15th Dec2008 -15th Feb2009

      {For anyonre who's interested}
      Info found out by Zion~




    2. Is there any picture of new double joint body?
      I'am eager to see that!
      plus, Luke looks like the teenager BB Jing
    3. You can see the new bodies in the website
      http://www.doll-zone.com/ :)
    4. Dollzome seems to be down right now.. try later.
    5. Reiko and Aimi are so cute! *-*
      Jake remembers me the Mo-2 :s
    6. They're all up at Featherfall http://www.featherfall.ca/store right now, though some of the pics are slow at loading. You should be able to find them through all your DZ agents. ;)

      Reiko is the only LE one - available only until the end of February. Each Reiko ordered through Featherfall will also come with an extra random yukata ( so no two are the same!).

      These new full sets all come with the double jointed body as default. For all other 1/4 dolls, however, the double jointed body CAN be ordered, as an option.
    7. I see Reiko is a girl I guess. Would it be possible to get Reiko with a boy body instead of a girl body?
    8. You can find them on AtWD Forum too, with prices in EURO! ^^
      The Website will be soon updated!



    9. Reiko is a male! :o not a girl1 so you'll have with male body as default :bellcookie
    10. She's a he! :? No way o.o
    11. Reiko is listed at 44cm. as are the girls. The boys are listed at 45 cm. I would guess Reiko is a girl.
    12. The fullset is limited, the doll is not. I attach you what I recived as supllier:

      Type:Reiko-1(new dual ball join body)Market price list
      This style limited time :15th Dec2008-15th Feb2009
      Perennial sell Nude doll

      Name Reiko fullset

      Price Euros(€) 335

      Include: face-up、make-up mask,wig(30167c)、eyes(g16-001)、outfit(C45-028)

      outfit(C45-028) 55 EUR

      include: overall, kimono, underdress, corset, waist-line, taenia.

      so I think that the mold will be always available!
    13. Question: If I order the LE Reiko and I have a doll with the old style body do I get a discount? Or is the discount only when purchasing a new double jointed body?
    14. Zion ~ I'm assuming that the discount is only for upgrading to a new *body* and doesn't apply to the fullsets, LE or otherwise, but I don't know.

      Since they list the prices of the nude doll, wig, outfit separately on the DZ site as well as the fullset ~ it stands to reason you can just buy the doll (if your favorite online shop doesn't list them I do know you can make special requests) and it would be nice if the discount applied for DZ doll owners.

      Featherfall won't be answering questions till the New Year due to the fact that they are on holidays/doing inventory ~ you'd probably get a faster response from another dealer or asking DZ directly.

      Good luck ~ if you find out let us know. :)
    15. I'll try asking JunkySpot and post here if I get a response.
    16. Hallo! sorry for the late reply! ^^
      I am Italian dollzone dealer so I can answer to your questions ^^
      The discount is only if you byu a double joint body and you are an old Dollzone buyer! you have to show that you are a dollzone buyer sending a pic of your old doll when you purchase new body ^^
    17. Found out from Denverdoll that you can request that the LE Reiko come with boy body rather than girl ^__^ Just letting people know in case they where wondering like I was.

      Thanks Spider_in_Love for answering my other question.
    18. Reiko only comes in one skin tone right?