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Dolpa 11 After Event

Aug 15, 2004

    1. Gwagwa. Gorgeous! Ack, Volks does it again! I'm in love! http://www.volks.co.jp/en/news/web_dp_isao.aspx

      Just another doll on my 'I can never get this but I wish I could!' list. lol! :) Anybody getting their hands on any of these gorgeous dolls?
    2. Wow, Volks is really starting to pay attention to the international fans. They've even created a support email address to contact if one is setting up a meetup or event. How organized! :daisy
    3. I'm really impressed by that too!! :o
    4. I agree. IMPRESSIVE :3
      who wouldn't just LOVE to get these new dolls. They're absolutely beautiful. *.*
    5. I'm really impressed that Volks is making such an effort to reach out to international customers. Now maybe they can put out another edition of Madoka one day--well, I can dream that they will, anyway!
    6. awesome photos, thanks for posting janne! and ummmm....
    7. WooHoo a second chance. :D

      I tried to bribe Frank, but he'd have none of that. :lol:
    8. Whoo hoo! Another chance to see Isago slip through my fingers because I have no money! :cry:

      Pixie: :( He's getting away again! *kicks Moon*
    9. i feel you. i was on the list with Frank, and he said he actually GOT one for me. But Alas, i spent my money on CH Azrael ( A VERY GOOD PURCHASE MIND YOU! I Dont regret it.. he's so fantastic..), so i had to pass up on Isao. Lesigh.
    10. They've just put up a new thing for Kaede orders too. Only 20 though! Going off in September...

      Ch! All the LE dolls are so pretty... *moons over them* :oops:
    11. I guess I shouldnt feel too bad about already ordering her, since the last time they had a limited number of dolls for sale on their international website they sold out in like seconds! I doubt I'd be that lucky! but maybe someone here will get lucky??
    12. I second that, Aimee! I'm glad I got Kaede when I did, because I'd *never* be lucky enough to nab her at the After Event! :grin: