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Dolpa 12 info and new Volks Perfect Catalogue.

Nov 19, 2004

    1. I picked up my Dolpa 12 Guidebook from Volks today and aside from the dealer list from heaven :D it also contained some interesting info that I thought I'd share. Some of this info has already been posted here, and some hasn't, so I'll just post what I have since I'm not sure what's already been discussed. ^^

      First of all, I'm sure everyone has seen the new limited edition dolls listed at the Volks website:

      Isao 2nd version is limited to 100 pieces and will not be sold at the after event. However for all the other limited editions dolls, Volks will be accepting orders for them at Dolpa 12, same as they did with the limiteds at Dolpa 11. Basically, they're selling a certain number on the day, but when they run out, that's not the end. Anyone else who attends Dolpa and wants a limited (and has a coupon from the guidebook ^^) can place an order for the limited they want and Volks will be fullfilling all these orders.

      So basically, finally limited dolls are becoming a little more easily available than they were before.

      (I will note, however, that Volks only very recently finished fullfilling the Isao orders from the last Dolpa. *_* I'm expecting Tohya and Kohya orders from this Dolpa to take just as long!)

      MSD Sakura, Maggie and Myu are being released at the Dolpa in kit form with the new version MSD body in pure skin. So it looks like we're not losing all those old standard releases for good, they're simply being upgraded to pure skin. ^^ Links weren't at the Volks website yesterday or so, but they seem to be up now:

      There's a couple of SD Cute sized wigs being released at the Dolpa:
      W-08 (waffle style) in five colours: Classic Gold (10), Cream (16T), Wine Brown (350), Ivory (613) and Honey Gold (GOLD).
      W-85 (boy's short II) in five colours: Natural (2), Classic Gold (10), Cream (16T), Copper (33T) and Ivory (613).
      W-105 (one curl bob) in five colours: Natural (2), Classic Gold (10), Cream (16T), Copper (33T) and Camel (144T).

      V-Jeans wise, there's 3 SD13 boy types -- one straight, regular fit (blue), one boot-cut, regular fit (blue), and one boot-cut, loose fit, long legged (black). SD girls/boys/SD13 girls get 2 types -- one straight, relaxed (black), and one boot cut, relaxed, long legged (indigo blue). MSDs get two types -- one bellbottom, relaxed, long legged (indigo blue) and one straight, relaxed, long legged (black). No pics at the Volks site yet, but I expect they'll be there soon. There's also denim jackets in all sizes, and parkas as well.

      There's a bunch of new shoes, which are now up at the Volks website:
      The first five pairs shown are actually being released in Volks stores tomorrow. The remaining five pairs are being released at Dolpa 12.

      There's also a pic of the new Dollfie Dream Inner Frame, but that seems to have been discussed a bit here already, so I won't cover that one. ^^ Looks interesting, though!

      For me, though, actually the most exciting news in the Guidebook was this: there is a 2nd 'Perfect Catalogue' being released as a follow-up to 'La Carte D'un Ange'. ^o^ The new book is called 'Le Modele Pour L'ange' and is due to be released in late January. It will be 1,990yen, A5 size, 144 pages, 80 of which are in colour. Sounds pretty similar to the previous one in that respect. It will have a guide to the new FCS (I'm really looking forward to that ^^) as well as a One-Off guide, and all of the new standard SD types and such. Yay!

      Oh yeah, and I noticed some discussion about Jun's cat, so here you go: the cat's name is Komame. Komame is 8 years old and was made by Jun's mother and given to her to protect her. (Komame often consoled young Jun when she fought with Shirou, which was often. ;^^) Jun and Komame go absolutely everywhere together. ^^

      As for how to GET Komame, I don't know how the International release works, but for the Japanese release: Komame is limited to 100 pieces; everyone who buys Jun has a chance to receive Komame but they have to send in something that they get that comes with her. ^^; (Sounds pretty much like what they did with Tsukasa's backpack.)

      Hmm. I think that was everything. Hope you all find this interesting! (If so, feel free to donate to the 'Buy Cassiel a Kohya Fund'... ^_~)

      - Cassiel!
    2. 'Le Modele Pour L'ange' ooohh!!

      I want one, especially if it has the new FCS catalogue! will you still be in Japan? You should take orders, your own little shopping service! I know I want one of them!

      Hope you are doing well, and thanks for the info!
    3. Thank you for all the info!

      New V-jeans. . .I wonder if that actually means I'll have a chance to get a pair for my MSD. I can dream, anyway.
    4. How does one get ahold of this book so they can order the limiteds? Does Volks sell it at their website?
    5. I think the book can only be used to get the limiteds at the dollpa o.o.

      I hope that, if they have a web dollpa, they don't sell out in 6 mins again x.x
    6. If you go to the Dolpa do you have to have that book to get the limiteds? Or can you buy one without the book if you buy a ticket to Dolpa?
    7. The book is the ticket to Dolpa. Volks sells them at their stores.
    8. Ah!! This is making me feel worse and worse, knowing that if only I were in Tokyo (or had a friend there I could bribe into going to the Dollpa) I could get a Jun for sure ;_; I *really* wish they'd do all of their Dollpa LEs the way they did Kaede, fulfilling all preorders made within a certain time frame. Instead I'm going to have to hope that they do international web orders and hope that I manage to snag one of the very very few they offer on the website.

      Life is hideously unfair.

      (I am glad, however, that they are beginning to make LEs easier to get. It doesn't help me in the slightest, but at least I can be glad for all the lucky folks that actually get to go to Dollpa -_-; )
    9. Jun.


      They need to come live here! They will like living here so much! Oh, cruel fate, how could you do this to me?

      I wonder if Mikey is a fan of Emily the Strange? Jun sort of reminds me of a distinctly Japanese Emily, complete with cuddly plush pal made of scraps but with Japanese translations of sullen-goth-American stuff in terms of fashion choices. Jun seems a little more cheerful, too. She is wicked hella cute.
    10. Thanks Janne. :) I have a friend of the family who owns a toy store in Japan and I'm thinking of begging him to go and try to get me an Isao2, but I have no idea how Dolpa 12, or any other for that matter, is going to work. So I need to know as much as possible if he agrees to go for me.
    11. About the book and ordering limiteds, I apologise that I didn't make it clear: it's for people attending Dolpa only. The guidebook is basically your ticket to Dolpa. If you attend Dolpa and have the coupon from the guidebook, you can order or pre-order a limited if you join the correct queue.
      They have a seperate queue for the limiteds as opposed to normal entry to the Dolpa. Also, being at the head of the queue does not guarantee purchase of a limited on the day as they are running a lottery for it. However since they're accepting orders on the day I guess it's not as bad these days if you miss out on purchasing one on the day.

      If you don't attend Dolpa, the guidebook is basically a pretty picture book. The coupon is useless to you.

      Deanna: Much as I'd love to take orders for the book, I'm gonna have my final exams around that time, and with all the other things I'm doing, I think it may just be too much on my plate. ^^; I'll think about it, though.

      Ndi: I believe they'll also be selling the jeans at the after event so you may be able to get a shopping service to try and pick up a pair for you. ^^

      KittyBongo: is your friend in Japan Japanese or can read Japanese? There is detailed explanation of the different Dolpa 12 queues here:
      And a guide to queueing up for limited dolls here:

      Mara: Mikey may well be a fan of Emily the Strange, and they do have a section of Volks normal showroom devoted to Emily merchandise. But Jun doesn't have that evil brat feel to her.. reading the stuff about her in the guidebook, she's almost TOO sweet and innocent. ^_^
    12. Thank you Cassiel! My friend is Japanese so those links are very helpful. :D
    13. *lol*, let´s help each other. I´ll donate to your fund and you raise money for "Jun for Micà" ^-^.

      Thank your for posting all this info...I hope Domuya will be able to pre-oder Jun (darn, I did not plan to fall in love...almost even more so with the cat).
    14. Are any of the buying services going to dolpa? anyone?

      Or any services able to pick up the MSD & SD shoes from the volks store?

    15. *sigh* I have a friend In Japan at the mo..but hes working on the 5th...but hes gonna see if he can find someone to go...its dubble bad now as my Mum realy wants Toyha now.. can you go to Dolpa and get a tickit on the day...or do you have to get the book first? So does that meen you can put in an order for a doll on the day..and get them later..and is it possable to get two differnt LEs as I want Jun?

      Charlie *^_^*
    16. Your friend should buy the book in advance. The books (which are your ticket to Dolpa) will be sold on the day but not until after the limited edition queue is formed and the raffle for who gets at the front of the queue is completed. So theoretically your friend would have a much longer wait. (Assuming said friend is going to arrive at 7am for the queue forming, that is.) Also while I'm pretty sure they will be accepting all pre-orders made for the limiteds, I'm not 100% sure so the earlier your friend arrives, the better.

      And no, your friend can only buy one limited. One person with their one coupon is limited to one doll. One person with two coupons is still limited to one doll. If your mum wants one too, she's going to have to find another friend in Tokyo to go.
    17. Thanks for the info! I will try to find two people to go now! And get two books! Ahh so much to do...but it seems the best way of doing it..as we dont know who and how many will be avable later!

      Charlie *^_^*

    18. Cassiel, hope you don't mind my making a correction. (^_^;

      Not all of people attending Dolpa can place order for exclusive dolls.
      Volks sells certain number of each LEs, and after they sell out, they takes order for only certain number.
      So if you are at rear of the queue, not only you can't buy LE dolls, but also you may not be able to place order for them.

      See the section "B"(about purchasing LEs) of this page,
      or this page.
    19. Thanks, Yuzuko, I don't mind at all. ^_^ I didn't have my dictionary with me when I was reading the information, so I didn't understand it all, and since I don't want to order a limited (no, Kohya, I will NOT buy you!) it wasn't important for me to understand it.

      So yes, thank you for the correction! ^_^ And sorry to everyone who I confused with my incorrect information. ^^;
    20. Thanks for all the info guys! :grin:
      Looks like I will have to try on volks online like everyone alse! Its just harder as my Mum wants Toyha now :oops:

      Charlie *^_^*