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Dolpa 12 is 5 December

Sep 21, 2004

    1. The next Dolpa (12) is 5 December, 2004 from 10am-4pm in Tokyo. I have a big application packet with all the info -- and there's lots, including the costs -- but unfotunately I can't read kanji. I will try to get it translated this week.

      Edit: I figured out that what I have is the dealer registration packet, which explains why the whole thing is dense kanji with intimidating-looking flowcharts and conditions. So maybe they arent really announcing much about the event yet.
    2. ooooh! Thanks for letting us know! I wonder if the 4th Tokyo boy will be released then... I'd assume so, since there's been one each Dollpa... eek! So exciting. Can't wait til the great unveiling of the LEs! *hops about* Now if only there were some way I could go... XP
    3. very cool!!
    4. Are Dolpa events open to the public or do you need a ticket to go? I'm planning a trip to Japan for sometime soon and I thought maybe I could schedule it so I would be there for this event...
    5. Well, I assume it's open to the public, even if you have to buy tickets. I might be able to help with getting them, if it's difficult and not terribly expensive.

      I am not sure if I'd be allowed to go (errr.... long story), but Tokyo would be a (very expensive) daytrip for me, so it's possible. Is anyone here thinking of going?
    6. Come on re-release of madoka.

      ..... well I can dream can't I? >_>
    7. When I went, you didn't have to pay anything -- although many people paid for the guidebook as part of getting in. Its a nice souvenier and will put you back by 1000 yen, but it was nice to have at the dealers room! @_@

      So there's no tickets or anything to buy ahead of time, you just show up. ^^

      Of course, since this one is in Tokyo, you might have to be prepared to wait in line to get in, especially if you show up at opening time at the door. I hope someone from here is planning on going, I think it would be really nice to have some more members go to a Japanese dolpa. :D

      ...and yeah, trying to get to Tokyo from Osaka is pretty pricey. I tried to go this past May when they started doing pureskin school heads kits at the painting classes, but I couldn't afford the shinkansen ticket. :cry: Oh well. Good luck. :3
    8. aaaaaaggggh... :( I want to go to a dolpa so bad!! I wish there was one in febuary!

      *broken record = aimee*
    9. I guess I'll save up for December assuming there is going to be a new Tokyo boy (if not it'll go to a new FCS boy) since I love all 3 of the other ones.
    10. Dezarii,

      I'm in Tokyo now and am definitely planning to go to the Winter Dolpa (wild horses couldn't keep me away) so if you want a gaijin to go with, drop me a line. ^_^

      I picked up the dealer rego pack when I was at Volks last week as well, since it seemed to be the only thing around with info about the Dolpa, but then they gave me a flyer with info about it with my purchases anyway. ^^ The 30th Sep date is the closing date for dealers to sign up.. I don't think they have any other info available at the moment yet, other than that it'll be at Tokyo Big Site... but so long as it's on, that's all that matters to me! :D

      Come on, December 5th...!! *psyched*

      - Cassiel!
    11. Oh dear, I was planning to do Japan at the END of December . . . the Dolpa is 3 days after my birthday . . . @_@ Possible change of plans? :oops: If there are going to be other Westerners there, I'd feel a little better - my Japanese is really not very good so it would be intimidating otherwise. I wonder how soon they'll give out more information! Has anyone here been to a Dolpa before?

      *runs off to do research* *_*
    12. I'm actually thinking of going to Dolpha 12 in Tokyo as well. It looks like it will be a few days before my exams start, so it might work out perfectly. It would be really awesome if a group of us Americans could be there (and be confused) together! How exciting!! :daisy
    13. Yeah, who has been to a Dolpha already and could share their experience in detail here? I am so curious as to how these things work.

      Also, as for buying LEs at Dolphas--do you wait in a long line and buy one? Do they usually run out quickly or does everyone who attends who wants to buy one usually get one? I don't speak any Japanese so I'm a bit worried about that, but this will be my fifth time to Japan in four years and not speaking Japanese has never been a big problem. Then again, I've also never attended a Japanese event either.

      Any information would be helpful!
    14. couple questions -- when do the names and info (pictures) of the LEs that are going to debut at the dollpa hit the internet? And, how frequently can the LEs be ordered online? I seem to remember US buyers being able to purchase Cyndy and Shiro online, directly from Volks' site, during the last dollpa.
    15. kiwi, there's no way to know, they're always late or do it different each time
    16. From what I gather, it's like buying concert tickets. You get there early and get a 'number' (a numbered ticket). They go through the numbers in order, and people can buy what they want when their number is called, including the LEs. So you don't really know if you'll be able to get your LE or not, if you're a fair way back. It depends on how many people buy them before you. Best bet is to get an low numbered ticket (IE get there realllly early) so to be close to the start of the line. ^_^

      I'm so jealous of all you people that are going to be there. *sigh* I reaaaaaaally wish I could go! I hope they release the images of the new LEs soon, although it probably wont' happen until November I guess. *pouts*
    17. Nrgh >.< Volks is so crazy-making sometimes.... I want assurances! And pictures!

      ...Mostly I want pictures because I have no patience! ^^;;
    18. I hope they post pictures of the new LE's soon also, if there is one that just calls to me..I am not going to miss snatching him up online, for sure!

      Oooh I can't wait!..hehe