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Dolpa 12 Limiteds!!

Nov 16, 2004

    1. XD Volks has finally released them!

      Tohya, mark 2 [SD13]
      Kohya - Looks like Tohya (brother?), but wooo... VERY cool glasses! [SD13]
      Isao, mark 2 (OMG *freak* the BOOTS!) [SD13] limited to 100 sales
      Jun - Shirou's sister [SD13]
      Mika - sweet dreams [MSD]


      Fooey. No 4th boy and no Shirou. *sigh* oh well...
    2. Kohya is very sexy....I may just have to spring for him!!

      and Jun is a lot cuter than i expected her to be.
    3. *lol* I just learned of this from the Chinese website and rushed over to tell people, and you beat me to it!

      Jun is a girl? O.o; No wonder. I was wondering why Volks dressed 'him' up in skirts. *LOL* Kohya is so awesome....
    4. Sweet Dreams Mika... *dies* :D
    5. Oh no......I just new i'd end up wanting one of these limiteds!! ARGHHHH!!!
    6. lmao! Which one, Em? XD

      I quite like Kohya (and beauty white! :chibi ), and Jun is definatly cute - I can't wait for people to get her and start taking piccies. ^_^
    7. And MSD Miew, Maggy and Sakura are coming back with Pure Skin. :D
      I with other discontinued dolls will be resell as Pure Skin version someday.
    8. wait... why does it say "Haute Doll?"

      Is there going to be a special deal or something?
    9. Jun is really cute :D
    10. Kohya is toying with me -- he knows that I'd like him. >>;

      But Jun is really the one that's all like, 'BUY ME!' But I'd just put her on a boy body and I have no purpose for her in my story anyway, so... sorry, doll. [Ha! Pun!]

      But, mm... Kohya. x3;
    11. Both Jun and Isao come with the issue of Haute Doll which features them on the cover. The weird cat plush thing that's with Jun in the pictures apparently can be obtained as well, but only through a special offer or by way of information contained in the Haute Doll magazine. :D
    12. Wwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! I want Jun now!!!! Arrrgghh!!! But i cant have her!!! I need more money!!! >_<
      I need to win the lottery or something...

    13. No fourth Tokyo boy? :( Tohya and Kohya look great, love the costumes and hair! The glasses are so cool! ^_^
    14. Hmm, no new Tokyo boy... Now I don't feel so bad about not getting to go this time... but KOHYA XD~~~~~~ That outfit is AWESOME! And so is Isao's! *damn my financial situation!!*
    15. Mika is so nice. I already saw her on yahoo jp auction (today) for 110000 yen or something like that! Too bad they'll not make another Cyndy :evil: :crushed :cry:
    16. They're all so awesome. If I had the money I'd get one, but I don't at this moment. *stares at tohya* Jun is a huge cutie and I love her outfit, but shockingly, I don't know if I'd get her if I had the money. o.O Good thing they're not releasing Shirou. Wait till I work my butt off her him volks please. XD
    17. What a relief.. There's only one doll that I have to have. XD Actually I was afraid that they would release second versions of the other boys too because then I would have had a problem..
      The one that I like the best is Jun. So cute!
      Gotta write to Santa!
    18. >.> Guest was me. I forgot I wasn't logged in. 8kicks school computer*
    19. Oh man.

      Bye bye money, hello Koyha and Jun...

      Um, also, how do we order one when the time comes to do so? Will Doll and Hobby be selling them? or will the Volks english website have them? or something else?
    20. I've always loved Tohya! *__* Me wants, me wants! Do you think he could be a good Hatsuharu ( Fruit basket)?

      I like Kohya and Jun too they are great! I want to be rich!! :crushed :crushed