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Dolpa 12 Oneoffs

Nov 24, 2004

    1. XDXDXD

      that's great! I really like the last one.... (doesn't know which one is which)

      thanks for sharing!
    2. Probably a stupid question, but One-offs are OOAK, right?
    3. 1. Yup, one-offs = OOAK.

      *click, scroll scroll scroll*

      2. Aww, that Yori is cute.

      *click click*

      3. Aww, that pin is cute!

      *la la la, click click*

      4. Hmm, the others are nice... la la la

      *clicks on last one without looking*

      5. HOT DAMN! Madoka. LOVE.

      Okay. How do you get one-offs, again?
    4. Who's the girl right below Hyuui? My katakana's rusty ^^;;;

      I like Yori; that's a much more flattering photo/faceup than the kinda haphazard airbrush she has on the ordering page. (I don't really get that -- don't you want to make your $700 doll look like she's worth $700 on the ordering page?) I wish I could see Kun's face better, and I love Anais' wig.
    5. They're auctioned off at the dollpa itself, so you have to be in attendence to bid.
    6. Kiwi, the girl under Hyuui is Sylvie. :D

      Hyuui's bunny pin is cuute!!

      These dolls are nice, but I wouldn't buy them if I had the chance. XD
    7. for those who aren't sure who's who, in order from top to bottom:

      Kun and Lucas
      Hyuui (Hewitt)


      *Tohya love*
    8. That Anais is breaking my heart.

      WHy do I keep falling more in love with her when I know I'll never be able to get her? ; ;
    9. Oh, poo.

      Dream on, babe...