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Dolpa 13 one-offs

Apr 26, 2005

    1. AWWWWWWW MADOKA FOR THE ONES THAT WANTED (I didn't but... I'm happy for yaaa)... I mean, for the ONE that wanted XD

      Well, I love the cindy and the kun!
    2. A boy Anaisu! x3 I like the Shulze though..
    3. Wow look at that Cyndy. What a beauty!!

      And Madoka... WOW!! I've just finished Rose of Versailles and somehow looking at this one-off reminds me so much of Lady Oscar. She makes both a handsome guy and a elegant lady.

      I'm surprised that Kun's head isn't smaller than Anais. Interesting.
    4. I love that F-17 boy. *_*
    5. That Madoka is gorgeous... She really stands out.
    6. I gotta say that I adore the Madoka one-off :D I never thought of her being able to pull off that look but she looks fabulous.
    7. Anais has a very small head I think its the smallest of the SD girls.

      And nono perhaps the biggest.
    8. Ah, I see. Thanks for that interesting fact. (: I'm sure School B should be one of the smaller ones too.
    9. I just want a Madoka so I can turn it into a man.
      but even as a man, I'd keep that fluffy-gay-happy wig xD
    10. Madoka!!!!!!!!!!!! :o She's gorgeous!!!
      wish I have munny to buy her.... :(
    11. They all look awesome. My favourite one is Kun. :wink:
    12. oooh madoka's gorgeous. hisui is so cuuuute.
    13. Gods... ...That F-17 is too gorgeous. *craves* Those eyes! And a tan boy, too...
    14. Yes. That one hurt my brain.

      Certainly I am looking at the F-17 in a whole new light...
    15. MADOKA!!! :o

      *Curls up and pines away*

    16. Wow! I have never been a Madoka fan but I would kill to have that Madoka one off! She's absolutely stunning. *dreams*
    17. I'm surprised by how similar Cindy looks to Yori with that face-up, wig, and kimono.

      Anais looks really cute as a boy <3