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Dolpa 13

Apr 9, 2005

    1. G'ah! Ooooh, thanks, Aimee! Can't wait to get more info!!!
    2. Waah, I wish I could go...it's the week of my birthday.

      Maybe I'll be able to get something this time around.
    3. and I can't come on may ><
      too bad...I wanted Maria sooo bad.
      mebey she'll be avaible on next DOLPA..I hope ^^
    4. Ack!!! I'm *dying* here! Does anyone remember how long it was before the last Tokyo Dolpa that Volks released the official "commodities list?" Dolpa 13 is just under three weeks away, and I've been checking both the Japanese and English official links incessantly for even the merest *crumb* of an update!

    5. I'm guessing 2 weeks before we might see something, but I'm not sure :)
    6. I think last major dolpa things were announced as far as three weeks ahead of time, but I think it just varies based on how soon they can get everything confirmed on their end. I get a headache even thinking of what it must be like for a small company like volks to prepare for these sorts of things @_@

      ...Or maybe they just want to keep us on our toes ^^
    7. Well, for Dolpa 12, they announced the Dolls...er....something like seven weeks before the event. I know, because I had been about to order an FCS, and if they HADN'T announced them, I would've done it and NEVER gotten my Kohya.
    8. o_o I don't think it was seven weeks. Looking at the news section, I posted about the DP12 LE pics being released on Nov 16th, and the Dolpa was on the 5th Dec. So that's yeah, about 3 weeks. The Kyoto 3 LEs were listed on the 3rd of March, so that's what, like 2 & half weeks til the 21st when it was held.

      Hopefully we'll be seeing the DP13 LEs soon! *jumps about excitedly*
    9. I can't wait to see what the new dolls are going to look like!!!!
      I am so excited....

    10. they updated the dolls~~~~ im a bit dissapointed in the tokyo boy o.O
    11. I think Heath has potential.. but it's too smal the picturesl :oops:
    12. it doesnt say heath is the new tokyo boy... but he is the only sd13 boy so Im guessing thats him? I thought he was gonna have a trench coat.. haha
    13. why must they taunt us with TINY PICTURES OF DOOOOM?!

      *twiddles thumbs waiting for big pics*

      Is that a pureskin Mimi I see? that'll be nice. It's impossible to have any opinion of the new kids given the tiny pictures; I'm entirely unimpressed by Liz's dress but Heath can come check out my stables any day. (he's not technically Regency, but he's pretty darn close >.>; )

      (I would be very surprised if he were the next Tokyo Boy, as well. The outfit totally doesn't fit in the Tokyo Boys story. Conceivably the fourth boy just wasn't completed to satisfaction and he's been postponed.)
    14. I know! those little pics :( but that pureskin mimi with the old style wig is cool :>
    15. **whacks forehead** Oh, duh! I was thinking of the US Lottery auction for Dolpa 12...my mistake. :oops:

      As for Heath...does anyone else think he looks a lot like....Madoka? *_* I mean, his head shape? Oh wow....if only.


      >_< I wish there were bigger pictures!
    16. Ohmigod ... it's ...

      ARASHI!!!!! And he looks even more adorable than I'd ever hoped! Yesssssssss!!!!!

      I had to do a double take when I saw that pic of SD13 Mimi--for a minute there I thought it was a pic of Kurenai. Now I know who it is Kurenai reminded me of when I first saw her.

      And, wow ...


      Heath looks just plain *gorgeous!* Can't wait for bigger and more detailed pics--those tiny ones are such teasers!!

    17. *breathes sigh of relief* Thank goodness none of the limiteds knock me over and I can go back to my pining for Sakaki, although Ushiwakamaru looks intriguing. Do you think that Arashi might be the Tokyo boy? There's nothing in the story that says all the boys have to be SD13. I know a certain collector of these boys who is going to be very dissappointed if that's the case. Liz sure is pretty...stop looking, Kelly, just stop looking!
    18. Heath has potential to be cute, but I can't really tell with those teeny-tiny pictures. :oops: