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Dolpa 14 LEs are shown at Volks website!

Dec 1, 2005

    1. WOW. The ones I'm very impressed by is the new Tokyo Boy and Hewitt 2! Nice! :D
    2. Wow, I love the first two dolls. They're breathtaking!
    3. Oh wow at the SD16, Ema and the Rozen Maiden doll! *_* Lust lust lust~
    4. Holy Moly! I'm going to need Tokyo Boy 4 after all! He is striking! I might have to postpone all other dolls for a while x_X
      The official Shinku is awesome too~ As much as I want a new Yo-SD, Piccolo doesn't catch my eye like Rengemaru did. But, yeah...Sawaragi Yukinojou...need...I hope he won't be TOO hard to get my paws on.
    5. Woah, the SD16 boy is like an older Tsukasa. o_o

      ...Hewitt ;_; <3

      ...Sakaki. Not Tsukasa. *memory lapse*
    6. AAAh (*O*)!!!

      Are they going to start a girls story now that they finished the boys? The title on Ema's pic says "the maiden's promise" ...:D

      All the dolls look wonderfull (I'm turning into goO) :daisy
    7. the Rosen Maiden doll :D
      and Tokyo boys :D
      ..but look at the prices. they'll be going for about 2000$ on ebay ><
    8. The new SD 16 is hot:fangirl

      All their new releases look so good. It's going to be a very special X-Mas this year for many people:smile: .

      I'm really interested in the new Maiden's Promise Story...I hope they throw in some random romantic boy into the plot ( a frilly SD16!!!) like they did with Jun in Tokyo Boy's Story...my imagination's running away with me*sweat*
    9. eeee all of them are gorgeous!! i can`t stop staring at their pictures and think about them!! XD

      uhmm i guess i`m not going to sleep tonight.. hehe. ^^;;
    10. Gasps loud enough her brother comes in the room to see if she's being murdered: SHINKU! I adore Rozen Maiden... my friends and I planned on doing a Rozen maiden cosplay for our dolls when we had enough of them... x_x I'd better start saving now... I need that doll.
    11. Sorry to hijack this thread but--I've got that feeling that he's one I will try to get no matter how (well, anything but selling Lottie anyhow). That gut feeling that he needs to be mine. He's just so smoldering. I love Mikey's molds, she's a wonderful person and a wonderful sculptor. *gush gush* I don't care if every person on this planet has him, or he costs $2000...I will have him! *goes to sell organs*
    12. I absolutely adore Mikey's work (my most favorites are Isao, Jun T. and Arashi), and I can't say that more pictures of this new boy won't change my mind (they may!), but in a way I'm a bit relieved that my very first "heart in mouth" glance at the 4th Tokyo Boy was not "hopelessly lovestruck at first sight" like I was with Isao #1 (Gods, I still am so in love with my Isao #1!...)

      He's quite the looker though, I must say. :) *eyes pocketbook warily...*
    13. O_O

      OMG I SO REGRET getting my FCS so fast! I thought Tokyo Boy 4 wouldn't impress me so much because of the thumbnail.. but.. but... I'm in LOVE! :D

      Shinku's gorgeous too! XD

      I'm still curious, how tall is an SD16? I'm considering selling my organs already >.<
    14. I know how you feel! I don't know how many chances I'll have to get FCS either though. Think of it this way, there will be many similar Yukinojous but only one FCS for you.
      But yeah, I feel ya!

      Sadly I didn't have any clue as to Yukinojou's looks until after I ordered my FCSs at the opening. I wish they released a picture before that! It's not easy to come up with that much money :0
    15. Ohh a Hewitt.... and I love the Rozen Maiden... thank you for the links

      Not sure about the boy as yet
    16. v.v
      Limited edition dolls make me so sad.
      I have at least three years until I can even THINK about buying something that expensive, my parents would have a fit even if I did manage to somehow save the money myself.. So I just get to sit here and watch as all the limiteds are snapped up. I'll be lucky to even get a doll this Xmas, and I'll NEVER manage to get one of those. I mean, Jun and Shirou arent that old and they're already deathly hard to find and up above the 1.5k range... In three years each of these things will cost more than the total value of about everything I own.. combined, and without original costume.

      You're all so lucky. I hope that some of you get to have and enjoy these wonderful dolls, I guess I always have the next six/however many dolpas to drool at... maybe since the fall one is usually near my birthday I could get something from it when I am 18 v.v
    17. Thanks for the links, Cassiel!

      I hope we see lots of new Hewitts on DoA...it's a great sculpt and it makes a really gorgeous girl, too. =D