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Dolpa 14 on December 25th

Aug 1, 2005

    1. Just a quick news.

      After Nagoya Dolpa2 in this month, next Dolpa will be Dolpa 14 on December 25th at Tokyo Big Sight.
    2. Merry Christmas to all. :3
    4. It's my birthday. Wish I could be there celebrating it. :(
      They could start some kind of promotional prices to people having birthday, don't you think? XD
    5. On christmas another dolpa...Wah >_< even iff I could go..my Mom would never let me go during the holidays..!!!!!! I wish i could go to a friggin dolpa!!!!!!
    6. Wow! This is great news! I'm glad that it's later, because it gives me more time to save and I'll have a bit of a break at work. Plus, I always wanted to spend Xmas and New Years in Japan. Only bad thing will be the price of tickets.

      Thanks for posting this!!! :grin:
    7. Any news as to whether there will be a standard fair this year? I know a lot of us would like to see some new standards, especially sdc and yo-sds!
    8. *sing* I'm dreaming of a broke Christmas..

    9. that's pretty far in advance notice isn't it?

      (aimee is secretly hoping that within the next few months they will announce a spring dolpa... XD)
    10. Advanced is good, allows us to make plans for saving..you know... bank robbery XD
      (annie is hoping with aimee X3)
    11. and of co urse... all important expensive plane tickets to japan! :chibi
    12. Oh, a Tokyo Dolpa! I bet that means another Tokyo boy! :o
    13. I was going to say that. Hum, I wonder if Volks will work something out so there is some way to get limited dolls (the ones sold at the Dolpas) through the new store in Los Angeles? Now that would be very helpful! Could happen, since they do sell them through Doll Hobby. And this may help Doll Hobby get their dolls sooner, and maybe have more of them!
    14. Christmas, bleh. :| Guess I'm not going. That's one of the times I go back to the US to see my family.
    15. ^_^ they always have one around december... but they'll have another sometime in the spring, so if you really wanted to go later, you could!
    16. :o Oh noes! I'll more than likely be in Japan in December! I have to make sure I can go to it! Haha, I just need to make sure my brother will come over to my mothers for christmas, or she would be very lonely! :oops:
    17. **dies** I'm afraid to see the dolls when they release them....I don't need another claim on my wallet! :oops: