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Dolpa 14 USA Orders (ALL SHIPPED!)

Feb 24, 2006

    1. Ok, I couldn't find the original threads to bump, so sorry if this should have been added somewhere else.

      Anxiety and suspense got the better of me and I inquired whether Piccolo (and all the rest) might ship closer to the beginning of March or the end. I got this email back:

      ACK! :) They are so sweet. This is my first special order/ Dolpa doll and I'm so psyched!
    2. Wow that's great! I can't wait to see Anne, she looks so adorable I'll probably die from the cuteness.
    3. OMG!! Squee!!! I sooo cant wait for my Anne to come home!!!!
    4. oh how I wish I could pick up Hewitt this weekend T___T alas, I am busy, but next weekend >.< I'm glad they'll be in!
    5. Woot!! *Does a little Dance* :) I'm so glad to hear they've recieved them already. It's just made my day, now I just have to wait for them to ship! :sweat
    6. Oh Boy!!!
      Anne and Piccolo can join the family here soon.Tonite, well actually 3 am here, I received an email from Volks Japan that my Emma has shipped too! I ordered her exactly a month ago with the full esthetic service and thought that might slow her arrival. Anyone have a guess about how long an EMS package take to get western Washington?
      I never got around to telling DH I ordered her. A guilty Chicken here!! But he read the volks email over my shoulder and now I don't have to feel guilty anymore. He was very relaxed and fine about the whole thing and helped me figure out the email. I was too excited and my eyes just kept bouncing all over the page *grin*

      This is my first Dolpa too!

      Finally getting sleepy after all the excitement,
    7. Wow...I can't wait for my Emma, Yukinojo and the wtg boy..
      Thanks for the great news

    8. So my Hewitt is coming home soon! ^___^ Can't wait.
    9. Thank you for sharing that with us! I'm so excited! :aheartbea
    10. i wonder if any fcs orders came in too?
    11. Sorry this maybe a stupid question...but how come some people have their dolpha 14 dolls and others don't? Although I have two volks dolls, I have never ordered from them...

    12. I think the people that won dolls from the Dolpha 14 After party had their dolls shipped to them within a week. The people that one through the Dolpha 14 lottery have to wait til the first week of March. They also could have bought the dolls off of YJ.
    13. Thank you Thank you!!
      This means Hewitt is on his way!!!

      *Happy nerdy dance!!*
    14. Oooh this means that my Piccolo will definitely be home before my birthday! Yay!
    15. oooohhhhh! *dance dance dance* thank you so much for posting this! I'm praying that I get my SD16 before March 18th, and it looks like it might not be as impossible as I thought! *crosses fingers and hopes for fast-VERY fast-shipping times*
    16. Oh good, I've put grins on lots of people's faces! *Yay for the happy dances!*
    17. I wonder if we can just go and pick them up tomorrow... I never thought to ask back when I paid for them. Maybe I could save a few $$. ...hmmmmmm...
    18. Well, I actually didn't pay for shipping when I paid for mine, so I'm wondering if I can just drive up there and pick him up tomorrow, or if I have to wait for some kind of notification. I'm getting so antsy!
    19. I called and spoke with Kris and I am leaving in a few minutes to go pick up my Hewitt and Emma!! They are waiting for me! Gotta go now...
    20. They're home! Really beautiful faceups on both Emma (love her lips especially) and Hewitt (even has a little blush under his chin). I love everything about Hewitt, I will be dressing him in his default stuffs, and although I had other plans for Emma, her outfit is so much nicer in person than in pics, beautiful fabrics!!

      Unfortunatly I have a hectic day today, but I will try to put up some pics tonight or tomorrow.