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Dolpa 2 in NYC ~ Masha in on her way! updated Aug 1st

Jan 12, 2007

    1. Good news: Pat got half the dolls packed and shipped yesterday (July 31st) and will finish up today. She's not sure why UPS has not been sending everyone an email with their tracking numbers and hopes to do that herself sometime today. Please be patient that's a tedious job - lol. At least you know your Masha will be with you soon and keep in mind she's travelling from New York.
      FYI - Pat did send me my tracking info, I live in CA and my doll is due to arrive on Aug. 7th (mine was shipped yesterday) just to give you an idea of the time frame.
      Thanks for your patience and enthusiasm.

      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

      Pat expects the shipping boxes for Masha to arrive tomorrow (Monday the 30th) so if all goes well, Masha will begin shipping out on the 31st.

      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

      A letter from Pat Henry on July 5th:

      Hi Everyone!

      Sorry for the delay! It seems in our enthusiasm, we took more orders than we had dolls. Instead of canceling anyone's orders, we asked Volks if they could make five more dolls. Thanks to the Volks team, there will be 80 dolls, allowing everyone who ordered one (or two) to get their Mashas. The dolls are scheduled to ship to FDQ in two weeks. I expect it to then take another week for me to take care of the shipping, as it is also the same time as our next deadline for the magazine. Expect Masha to head out to you around the 25th of July. They will all be shipping UPS, so they will be trackable.

      Please forgive the delay; I wanted to make sure everyone would get their dolls. It would be a drag to have to cancel any orders!
      Thanks for your patience and enjoy your summer!

      Patricia Henry
      Fashion Doll Quarterly



      Week of June 25th:
      FDQ will begin charging credit cards for Masha this week.


      Just wanted to thank everyone who participated and made Dolpa NY2 a huge success. Volks is already looking into a Dolpa NY3 for next year - it'll be even bigger and better. Let's not forget the LA Dolpa that's coming up next. As of this writing FDQ is not involved so keep checking Toppi's Blog for the date which will be announced soon ... (rumor is it'll be in October).
      As you probably already know, Masha sold out - thanks so much! FDQ expects her to arrive in NY sometime around June 25th and will begin shipping soon after.
      Also wanted to thank everyone who came up and said hi to me and Miss Theda, my little dog - she enjoyed all the attention so much. Sorry I couldn't talk to you as much as I would've liked but it was a pleasure meeting seeing you in person. Congrads to all the One-Off winners, Sei & Rei Tenshi winners (I am sooo envious-lol). And a special thanks KarenVail for her generous bid on Toppi - that blushing just blew me away, what a beautiful doll! (And double congrads on your Tenshi!)
      Thanks again,

      - - - - - - - - - -

      The FDQ Event Doll


      Limited Edition Super Dollfie Girl Masha
      $ 858.00 (not including tax & shipping)
      Sculpted by: Zoukei-mura Inc.
      Doll Design: Valico
      Dress Design: Kaori Saito
      Doll-eyes: HG Glass Eye: Light Violet 18mm
      Make-up: ZOUKEI-MURA Air-Brushed Make-up, UV Coated.
      Wig: Original Style (Mixed Color), DD size.
      Body Type: Super Dollfie Girl Body, Pure Skin White, UV Protection,

      Masha is being sold by FDQ. NY state residents will be charged sales tax.
      FDQ accepts all major Credit Cards, MO, checks and cash. Since this is a pre-order, your credit card or check won't be charged/cashed till Masha is ready to ship. Shipping charges have not yet been calculated. For U.S. residents, she will come to you via UPS unless you have a P.O. Box.

      -Masha is scheduled to arrive in NY around June 25th and will begin shipping soon after.

      Includes: Doll, wig, dress set, boots.

      *The doll pictured is a sample. Please understand the items included may change and the actual product may vary.
      *Please be careful as the color of the wig or outfit may stain the surface of the doll.

      Ever since Super Dollfie was born,
      there have been so many stories created by Super Dollfie owners.
      Here and now, another tale of Super Dollfie is ready to be born.
      The name of the heroine in this story is Masha.
      The story of a small, young girl, who stands up and makes her way in the land of America, is about to start.
      Go forth Masha, into great America.
      Your future starts now.
      VOLKS proudly presents, to all SD fans in America,
      a Perfect Super Dollfie, Masha.
      We hope she will be welcomed by you.

      - - - - - - - - - -
      Am's Dollie Tour
      has been moved to
      page 4 of this thread.
      - - - - - - - - -

      Volks Dolls Party 2 NY

      Website: http://www.volksusa.com

      FDQ Magazine:

      FDQ Magazine
    2. Do you have to have an Olivia to go? x_X Or is it just people who do have an Olivia have to have ordered her from FDQ? That's a bit strange.
    3. Seems like you need only one of the 3 criteria. Not just the Olivia
    4. I think you only have to meet one of the three criteria listed. Where your Olivia came from only matters if you're not an FDQ subscriber and you also aren't registered in the Volks database.

      If you're a subscriber, or if you're in the Volks database, then it doesn't matter if your Olivia came from FDQ - or even if you have one at all.
    5. Weren't the requirements of the last Dolpa that you had to be a subscriber AND have bought something from the VolksUSA store? I'm a little confused still on requirements for this upcoming Dolpa.
    6. Hi Am,
      Let's not forget to Add Under your qualifications (since I don't see it listed:sweat) that haveing purchased the new FDQ Exclusive SD16 Olivia outfit Also Guarentees you Access to Dolpa 2 in NYC this Year as it states on the FDQ Website;):

    7. The Beautiful Doll
      Thank you - yes I forgot that one. So if you ordered the FDQ Exclusive Olivia outfit - you're elidgeable. I've added it to the first post.

      And Valentine is correct, only one of the 3 critera needs to be met (now 4 - with the Olivia outfit). So if you're not an FDQ subscriber - get your SD registered on the Volks site - it's free. (Sorry, don't have that link and not sure if they're accepting new dolls right now).

    8. What do you have to do to get a volks membership? I don't want to pay 36 dollars for a magazine subscription I don't want ==;
    9. Put your dolls, and yourself, in Volks' owner database here.

      To become a VolksUSA member, buy anything from here and get your membership card with your purchase. If you don't receive a card, send an e-mail to Volks or call to notify them.
    10. So to go to this you need to get a magazine subscription to FDQ? I don't have a Volks doll so I can't get a ticket or something??
    11. *sighs*
      You must meet ONE of the following FOUR criteria:
      ~ be a current subscriber to FDQ
      ~ have purchased you SD16 Olivia from FDQ via the last Dollpa
      ~ have purchased the more recent FDQ exclusive Volks SD16 fashion ensemble
      ~ be in the Volks database
    12. Am, when you have more information, would you mind letting us know if those who are eligible to go may bring a guest with them?
    13. Yes I will let you know if guests are invited too.
    14. From Pat Henry, Editor of FDQ Magazine via Am

      Hi gang,

      Just a few things to add to AM's post- hopefully you all can pass this along in
      other forums
      as it comes up. Unlike Dolpa in Japan, Volks must have a set number of attendees
      in order for
      us to know how many people will be in the venue, how much food, and how long
      things will
      go on for. This is why you must either be a registered Volks owner, or in the
      FDQ database.
      This is how we know who to invite. We can then figure out if each person can
      bring a guest,
      or if guest requests must be limited. It's also an insurance issue. New York is
      filled with
      paperwork for events, and if there will be sales this year, which is a
      possibility, that's another
      nightmare with NYS tax paperwork.

      More details will be announced once the dates are confirmed for June. We will
      also let you
      know if there will be a doll or special outfit being sold at the event, or any
      other surprises. It
      is a two-day event this year, so there will be some new additions this year!

    15. is there a site for the event that has all the details and stuff? It would be good to have all the info compiled in one place that can be seen with one glance. Along the same lines, it would be very helpful to post the announcement on the first post and the same with other important information. Thanks!
    16. I know this is probably discouraged, but if I order something something from Volks USA this week, would I sitll be eligible? Or would I have had to order it by a certain date?

      I'm sorry, I'm pretty dumb ^^;
    17. This is just based on speculation, but I'd suggest doing whatever you're choosing to do to qualify sooner rather than later. If I remember properly, they put in a cutoff for the Halloween party because space was limited, and space may be an issue here, too.
    18. If I buy something from Volks web site will I be able to go?