Dolpa Info now up on Volks English pages!!!

Nov 25, 2004

    1. nice! But it looks like unelss you have doll haute and are in the USA, you wont be able to get Isao and Jun if you missed out.
    2. I know you want be able to get Isao outside US and Japan..but thay do say...

      "For Non-American residential customers : please wait for more information on our homepage"

      ..under theres still a chance, at least I rely hope there is cuz I just gotta have her..
      *crossing fingers*

      Charlie *^_^*
    3. Well, that's good and bad news for me.....

      Good that I won't be able to try for Kohya till Dec. 25th because I'll definitely be home that day, but bad because that's 20 days after they go on sale in Japan, and he will probably sell out!!!!
      :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: