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Dolpa Kyoto3 : after event !

Mar 29, 2005

    1. Gosh, I wonder if Frank and Mary from D&H will get the dolls?? If they do that's the way to go.^^
    2. *read read read*
      Eek, so it's first come first serve? For some reason, I thought they did a random drawing last time to see who'd get dibs on buying items.

      I hope they have pics of the YouSD/CuteSD wigs soon!
    3. Don't gots no money for dolls, don't really care, either. I just want those damn SD13 boy clothes.

      And what the hell happened with the whole special February 28th event, anyhow? Dangit. I wanted to get those friggin' checkered creepers. GRRRRRRRRRRR :evil:
    4. I sure hope we will be able to lottery or order thru Frank!
    5. Does it say whether the after event is for Japanese residents only or for the international market as well?
    6. :evil: :crushed Did I miss my chance to order the new SDC from the Dolpa 3? IF I did I am sooooo hurt right now!
    7. Hey everyone, looks like they've started the after event! Kuranai was available as of 30 seconds ago. :D

      Edit: looks like their server's overloading though, lol.
    8. I was about to buy Cyndy... (only a little was available) and when I use the button... server overloaded !!! ouin !!!! :cry:
    9. I almost got Kurenai T.T Server said a lil left over, then it was also overloaded! :oops:
    10. Yeah ... I got to the point where she was in my shopping cart but instead of being in my shopping cart, the window told me she was sold out.

      And I'm not willing to pay the over-inflated $1800 or whatever the scalpers are going to charge for her.

      Oh well. Lost another loan to Ditech. I mean ... another doll ... to scalpers. (Oh, I'm sure there are a few legit doll-lovers in there ...)
    11. Cindy was sold out by the time I finally got in javascript:emoticon(':crushed')
      just devastated.... and not about to make a scalper rich either, so I do without too
    12. Kuranai is sold out now.
    13. All Sold Out already :oops:

      :cry: with Michelle
    14. I had Kurenai up until the order confirmation, wherein it asked me log back in (why??) and it wiped my cart.

      Ooooh well. I was so torn about ordering her, anyway, that I'm glad someone else 'made the decision for me' so to speak! ^^;;

      Sorry to everyone who didn't get who they were really pining after, though. Hope you manage to find a resale for a fair price and/or fall in love with someone else :daisy (wonderful & terrible thing about dolls -- there's always someone new coming!)
    15. I was torn about Kuranai, too.....so, no biggie that I didn't get one, I guess.
      Fate decided for me, and I put a big store in dolly karma.
      Hoping someone special is around the corner for me....
    16. I think fate struck me, too.

      Even though I keep saying I've sworn off SD's, I keep eyeing Cyndy II, and I've also been eyeing the 2nd SDC (because I'm obsessed with posability).

      So I told myself that if it were to be, I'd open the page at the right time.

      I got there too late, though. I've been keeping an eye on the News about the Pope, and missed the dolls being up for sale.

      Oh, well. I shouldn't be spending that much on dolls right now, anyway. I hope someone here on the boards got a chance to get one of the dolls, though. I'd really like to see some pics of Kurenai.
    17. EDIT:


      I bought her.
    18. I Thing that volks needs to do something about this,....I am so frustrated with this shit!!
      I had Kurenai on my shoping cart until it says confirm order and then some stupid pop up window says the cookies are blocked???
      I like the lottery better , its less stresful.

      I thing they should produce more dolls for the international customers, they should be proud we are spending money into this expensive dolls.

      Anyone agrees??
    19. :evil: I totally agree with you, I stayed online all this time and it kept saying server error, then I just left the site and ALL friggin dolls sold out!! Wha the **@#@, I am not a very happy person right now......but there is ebay and a back up plan.....but I hate to spend the scalper price. I could never sell any doll at a higher price knowing I have held it and kept it in good condition.