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Dolpa Nagoya After Event

Aug 31, 2005

    1. Edit: Official Note by Volks:

      Hometown Dolls Party NAGOYA2 After Event

      Date: September. 17th and 19th. 2005

      Locations: At VOLKS Showrooms, VOLKS Tenshi-no-Sumika and VOLKS Website.


      Am I reading this right? It looks like the Dolpa Nagoya After Event will be September 17-19, from 10am-8pm (Japan Time). I wish they'd get this informaiton up on the English site. I'm always afraid I'm going to miss it!

      ホームタウンドルパ名古屋2 アフターイベント会期
      開催日 : 2005年9月17日、18日、19日の3日間開催
      開催時間 : AM10:00~PM8:00迄 ※一部開催店舗により、時間が異なります。
      会場 : 天使の里、天使のすみか、ボークス各SR、通販隊、ウェブサイトで同時開催予定

    2. OMG! I hope they release that mint colored dress on their web page...must have it!
    3. This is the physical After Event in Volks Sumikas, showrooms, etc. I'm not sure the online AE will correspond to this time, but one can hope! ^_^ I'm sure they'll let us know on the English page when/if the online AE is confirmed.

      EDIT: Doh! I just noticed that the Japanese notice included the website AE right at the end of the list, so it would cover the online AE, too. ^^;
    4. I just got in an order from Volks. Handwritten on it is "Please visit our HP during the Dolpa After Event - 9/17 - 9/19."

      (That was such a sweet note! I wish I was able to order during After Events. Not dedicated enough, I guess. ^^; )
    5. Mint-colored dress? Where do you see that? :?
    6. Yay! That means the online AE will be at the same time as the physical one? =D (assuming HP means homepage?) Thanks for the heads-up, Janne! ^_^ Volks always leaves sweet notes on the invoices~ ^^
    7. Oh, THAT dress! Ok. :grin: I love Sweet Dream Mimi!! :chibi If only I had the money to get her.... :(
    8. You and me both Cammy witch reminds me I have to buy a lottey ticket still, I'll do it when I go to the food store today.
    9. Wee!! :D And remember, if you win big, you're getting me a doll!! :daisy :chibi
    10. They have the photos up from Dolpa now.

      They also have a notice at the bottom:
      There's the official word! :grin:
    11. OK - I'm starting to get excited... is anyone else going to be online in the wee hours? I still haven't figured out what time I need to be awake and online for.

      I had a dream last night I was in a forest fighting people off my Volks box - hee hee - guess I'm a bit obsessed but I am desperate for that Toppi.

      I hope we can have a support thread while we wait. More than anything I hope the site doesn't crash again.

    12. I bought a ticket over the weekend when I was in Iowa for a con hopefully that will bring good luck. The drawing isn't untill tommorow lets hope we win some major mooola.
    13. Weee!! Lotsa luck!! Let the moola roll! :D
    14. Oooh pictures! *looks happily*

      Hey look, there's my boobs. XDDD
    15. ROTFLMAO!
      Just what I need first thing in the morning.....Diet Cherry Coke spewed all over my keyboard!
      And I am so fuddled I was wondering how Zoi's boobs got at Dolpha!
    16. LMAO!!! OMG I can't stop laughing. You're too funny! I didn't notice the first time but now that's all I'll see ;)

    17. Unfortunitaly we didn't win diddly
    18. *laughing* We were there~! It's like... the 14th picture, huge crowd scene, and right down the bottom is my tall blonde Bara in a red tanktop and myself... looking like something out of a 'Where's Waldo' book. ^^;
    19. Aw darn!! *Sigh* Oh well, maybe next time we'll get lucky. :grin: Or maybe I'll suddenly find 5,000 bucks on the sidewalk!! :o Nah, I'd feel compelled to look for who it belonged to so I could return it. :oops:

      Don't worry, we'll get our dolls in the end! :chibi