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Dolpa One offs! [Nagoya 2]

Aug 15, 2005

    1. Okay, The Volks one offs for August dolpa have been unveiled.

      Nice eh? Hope those of you braving to dolpa gets lucky and takes one home. =3
      I really like the Schulze/Maria one off. But I'm biased and such. XD
      Not as elaborate and flashy as some years but we all know that December Dolpa is the real cry-fest. XD

      From top to bottom:
      Anais Boy [Thanks Hieru <3]
      MSD School head (Maria/ Schulze)
      Ushiwakamaru girl [Thanks Amy! <3] Volks stole Robin's Egg's idea XD!
      Michelle and Liz [GTK <3]
      LUCAS!! *___* [Hieru again X3]

      That's it. <3 Cookies for everyone![/b]
    2. Wow, that last one is so cool. :D What's he, a Lucas/Chris?
    3. The last boy is hot. o.o

      But I adore the armor...OK, I adore the clothes period on the SD Girl & Boy set. :d
    4. Who's the first boy? Gotta love that lacy costume! How about the boy in the set? Never seen him, I don't think ...

      Mrr... I'm not usually a fan of Chris/Lukas/F-16/whatever, but that last guy is mega love. :D
    5. First boy is a Boy Anais

      Last boy is Lucas. LUCAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    6. I think that's Liz with Michelle XD
    7. Aww, third down is Ushiwakamaru as a girl, I think! and the girl with Michelle is Liz!

      Edit: It is Ushiwakamaru, it's the same kanji! Reminds me of SD Momoko
    8. That's Anais as a boy. Such a versatile headmold!
    9. Anais as a boy,
      Snow skin Maria! ARGH! *pine*
      SD Ushiwakamaru...
      SD Liz and Michel (both snow skin)

      They're ALL snow skin! Oh...oh, they're so beautiful...
    10. Volks needs to just release him (and Chris!) in pureskin and stop teasing us with these one-offs :love
    11. Argh, Volks is taunting me with all these gorgeous one-off Schulzes :cry:
    12. I know the feeling. They honestly need to put that head in FCS. >_<''
    13. ACK!! I want the last boy with the really cool pine tree shirt!! AGH!!! Why on earth can't they just sell dolls like this and stop with the damned one-offs?! All they do is irritate the heck out of people with this frustration and dangling of carrots! I want that boy, and in that shirt, darn it all!

      Ok, breath now... *gasp*
    14. wow they are all so beautiful. especially the last boy. :love
    15. i want that anais boy *_* ahhhhh
    16. Too bad they didn't put up that Shirou one-off up as well. They never show all the event one-offs on their site, but I'm sure they will be after-party photos.
    17. Lovely!! All of them!

      Wouldn't mind taking the Maria home :D
    18. omg the Lucas is so handsome!!!!!! *swoons* And yay for those girl-to-boy/boy-to-girl dolls~ Anais is handsome as a boy!
    19. Kya, I never knew Maria could looks so sweet! ^^ I've always thought the sculpt had rather strong features. She's lovely.

      And I reeeeeally like Lucas' fantastic shirt...by Village * Pine. (did they stop making R-jeans completely? ;_; I never see those around any more)

      I must've missed it, but where does it say that they're all white-skinned?
    20. I don't see it either? Not all the dolls appear to be snow skin, and Lucas would be Chris if he was in snow skin. :oops: