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Update Dolpa3 NYC/FDQ-updated 1st thread Aug. 25: IRVIN REPLACEMENT PARTS

Jan 18, 2008

    1. Updated August 25th
      Irvin: Replacement Parts
      FDQ will be taking care of the replacement parts for Irvin. If you have not yet received an email from Pat asking what part you need, please contact her at

      - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
      Irvin has sold out!
      - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

      July 25th: FDQ Press Release

      SD13 Irvin Ships!

      Please note that those who made special requests for different shipping services will be charged an extra fee, as these changes result in additional time and cost in the shipping process.

      When your doll is shipped you will be notified via email. Please be aware that only two people are taking care of the orders while we are working on our next issue. Do not email unless you have an emergency that must be attended. We will not be accepting any other changes in shipping or address information at this time.[/COLOR]

      And to those of you have PMed me (Am) about emailing Pat to change your shipping address, she's informed me that she hasn't had a chance to answer your emails as she's just finished shipping ot the latest issue of FDQ - so please be patient.

      - - - - - - - - - - - -

      July 15th: FDQ Press Release

      The FALL ISSUE Features the SD16 Swans!
      Make sure your subscription is up to date, to get the latest issue of FDQ!

      The Fall issue features lots of fun info for BJD fans! More on the Swans, as well as an extraordinary ten page feature on Steam Punk! Also, an easy sock sweater for your BJDs, as well as a tiny BJD knitting pattern, and an exclusive pattern to make your own mohair wigs for different sized dolls!
      The Fall issue, HAIR, ships to subscribers this week! Orders placed from today onward will ship the 25th of July in the second shipping.

      - - - - - - - - - - - -

      June 10th - A Message from Pat:
      Hi everyone,

      I just wanted to thank you all for coming this weekend and supporting FDQ and Volks in this ever growing event. I was at FIT all day yesterday, and we are working on accessing security video tape to see if there is anything captured to help us learn more about the missing dolls. All security and grounds personnel working this past weekend, will be interviewed. Since all events at the venue are required to have insurance certificates, there should be compensation for the loss. I am looking into what needs to be done next, as far as this is concerned.

      Mr. Shigeta and the Volks staff have been nothing but patient and gracious under the circumstances. They all
      have a very zen attitude about the hopeful return of the dolls along with the wish that the dolls will at least find homes with collectors who will love them. If they are found, the proceeds will go to the Make A Wish

      Please note that the stolen dolls did not have head plates, but were signed by the artists (including Irvin), so these dolls would be somewhat unique if sold on eBay.

      We are happy to say collectors immediately got the word out on the internet and shared photos so the
      dolls will become notorious and less likely to be bought with the knowledge they are stolen.

      I wanted to thank everyone who volunteered and all their hard work (Bruce, Karen, Nancy, Rose, Rachel,
      Vicki) and my FDQ girls Dorinda, Marsh and Miranda, as well as everyone who attended. Also, big congratulations to you all that won.

      The "heist" kept me from finishing off the blog, so I will try to get the rest of the video and photos up later today, so we can see the good stuff and put the bad stuff behind us.

      We are already talking about plans for a Dolpa FIVE (so expect at least 2 more), despite the drama, Volks
      is still happy to come to New York and share the excitement for Super Dollfie with their East Coast fans. They are also considering Dolpa in the mid-west for folks in the middle of the country.
      Check their USA site in the upcoming months for info on this and keep your eyes open for - "Super Dollfie University". We will have more on that for you.

      EDIT: If You Spot One of the 7 Dolls
      If anyone sees an auction for any of the missing dolls, they should report it to Volks directly but cc Pat on it, as she may have to take care of the actual contacting of eBay in English.

      Pat's email -

      - - - - - - - - - - - -

      June 3rd: A Message from Pat of FDQ Magazine

      We have added an FDQ Dolpa blog to our site.

      In addition to posting this week, we will be videotaping the party and uploading clips all weekend, so those who can't make it can see what's happening.

      ... The blog page here:



      Forgot to add this additional link in case you have any trouble accessing the
      blog page:

      - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

      Discussion Thread:

      FDQ Magazine
    2. Am -- can you please confirm that it REALLY is Friday and Saturday?

      It's just that it's very odd that the 6th is Friday - isn't it saturday and sunday like last year? Is this a typo? I'm just checking - was trying to make hotel reservations...
    3. I've tried. I contacted Volks and they haven't responded yet. Pat told me FIT is holding that weekend for the event. Sorry, as soon as I hear anything more, I'll update you.
      (I'm also waiting to make the hotel reservations.)
    4. bumping for date change
    5. Thanks Am!

      Making your reservations now? LOL

      I posted about the changed dates in the discussion thread....:)
    6. Thanks a bunch.
    7. Will this one have the requirement of being an FDQ subscriber for at least a year like the first NY Dolpa (when I see "FDQ" I'm always afraid they'll do that) instead of just being a Volks member? If so, is it too late to subscribe?
    8. Yes and there is still time to become a subscriber. The info has been added to the first thread. Thanks for bringing this up.
    9. Does this mean that everyone must be a subscriber of FDQ to get in, and that a Volks membership card is not enough?
    10. It says now in the Discussion thread that you need to be a subscriber or have a Volks membership... could you clarify? Also, if we subscribe, as we then guaranteed entrance into the event? If it's not required, are you giving preference for admission to subscribers? I just feel very confused.
    11. I was also wondering how do you prove your a subscriber?
    12. "You will need to be a subscriber to FDQ Magazine in order to attend the event."

      I'm confused about this, can you please clarify? by what you typed I understand that I "need" to be a subscriber to the magazine to attend the Dolpa? If not I can't attend?

      Last year dolpa:
      The members who meet any of these requirements are eligible to attend.
      1. Volks USA members
      2. Subscribers to FDQ
      3. Anyone who purchased SD16G Olivia through FDQ mail order
      4. Anyone who purchased FDQ exclusive dress for Olivia through FDQ mail order

      Please let us know, thank you.
    13. The event is co-hosted by FDQ Magazine, which is why you need to be a subscriber of magazine in order to be eligible to get in. So being a Volks member will not get you into this event, as of this date.

      Yes you need to be a subscriber. Volks has not yet told FDQ if a Volks membership is also needed. Last year, at the NY event it was not (you only needed to be an FDQ subscriber). As for a guarantee to get in ... there will be a limit to how many can attend, due to the size of the room. However, the previous NY Dolpas have both been held at F.I.T. and we never filled the room.

      All names go through the FDQ's database.

      According to Pat, you need to be a subscriber. I will double check about #3 & #4. Volks has not yet told FDQ if you must be a Volks member as well.
    14. What if two people from the same household want to go? Do we both need to subscribe? If so, thats a waste of money. Not to mention no one would even read the thing. Fashion Dolls aren't our thing. :/
    15. Great, now each thread is insisting something different!

      I mean, at this point I guess I've been guilted into subscribing by the other thread, but still...
    16. Am, could you please check your facts with Pat? Word from her (as of yesterday) seems to be that you DON'T need an FDQ subscription to get in... just to order a limited.

      This comes directly from an FDQ employee and is posted in the discussion thread.
      Where does your information come from, and when were you last updated?
    17. I would trust Am's word, she's pretty careful about what she posts.
    18. I have a hard time trusting her word though, when Pat Henry is saying that what she's saying isn't true.
    19. If you need to be a FDQ subscriber to get in, and a Volks membership doesn't do you any good, why is this even being called a Dolpa? Why don't you just call it a FDQ party featuring Volks?
    20. First I'd like to thank everyone who PMed me in the last 12 hours with your wonderful compliments concerning FDQ Magazine, the great time you've had at the NY Dolpas and all the other comments concerning the work we do for the Dolpa. My PM box was overflowing! Yes i know you're out there and to be honest, I never look at the Discussion thread and Pat doesn't visit this board at all. But thank you all just the same.
      FDQ Magazine

      Last year, Volks allowed everyone the option of bringing a guest.

      I only update this NEWS thread and choose not to get involved with all the drama happening in the discussion thread. If you have a question, you can either email Pat or PM me. At this moment, we are still waiting for information from Volks and are hoping that they begin their blog very soon.

      Done, as I said I would. Let me bring to your attention that I live in CA and Pat/FDQ is in NY - so we are dealing with a 3 hour time difference. I try to get out any info as soon as possible. And once again, I only post it here in NEWS, then I update the title with a date for your convenience.

      Thank you very much. I appreciate that.