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Dolstoll new tiny Rillu? Is it a BJD?

Apr 3, 2007

    1. :aheartbea cute
      Luts have done a gorgeous job on her face
      she is very cute

      and I love the dark one ...:aheartbea

      so many new tinys
    2. When I saw her immediately thought of you tinybear when I went to the site I immediately thought of Anrui Ukimi.

      Luts did an awesome job with the faceup I agree.

      Their sunism doll looks to be ball jointed
    3. She's lovely!!
    4. Looks like resin, priced like resin for sure. Wrist joint looks unusual like the hand only rotates.

      For now I have added Rillu to the Tiny Sizes Chart. I like the faceup at Eluts.

    5. I agree Carolyn it does look like resin. Hopefully we'll find out more about them soon. For your chart it says they are 22cm
    6. anyone have photos of Soon Sim?

      She's so cute and sweet, I want to see more of her... :)
    7. How did I miss these? So cute!
    8. That is so adorable ^_^
    9. Certainly is a BJD. Here is their nude photo of the pale doll.
    10. Now thats SWEET!

      Valli wouldnt she just look lovely with Twix LOL
      Kinda like the dark one more and more
      she would look gorgeous with TC my Bobobie
    11. Oh no! I want a pussy cat first! But we aren't allowed to mention them here. I think a cat would look fab with Twix and this little chocolate one... is not coming home here just yet.... I want too many of the little things!

      OT - Ant is coming to live with me & Twix! Must move first though. Yippee!!!
    12. Oh, black Rillu!!! If someone remembers what I wrote in the "Dream tiny"-thread... Well, this is getting painfully close...
    13. Oh no another cute one to want - will my list ever end. I love her cute little button nose and her face and the overall look of the body, hands and feet.
    14. soon sim looks like a china doll with her face and rillu is adorable. i might get soonsim, i like her a lot.
    15. Just giving this a bump as I am now completely smitten with Rillu!:XD::aheartbea Does anyone know if they have an english site or any english speaking dealers? It took quite a bit to find their main site and there doesn't seem to be an english alternate. Also, anyone have a Rillu to share?:D She reminds me of a Volks Sei Tenshi:XD:
    16. There's a button on the left side with info in English. If you email them with what you want, they will respond in English. I ordered an MSD girl and she just arrived this week, and I know of others who have recently ordered from them, so they are reputable.
    17. Did anyone here buy one of these cuties? They are adorable! I'd love to see some pic spam of them!