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Update domadoll) Applebin Goni and Geul~

Feb 25, 2009

    1. i can't get in and can't see the pics
    2. Discussion thread?
    3. Height : 57cm
      head size : 8.6inch
      bust : 24cm
      hip : 24.4cm
      waist : 18.2cm
      eyeball : 18mm
      feet size : 6.5cm
      hand size : 5cm
      leg's length : 29.5cm
      sitting height : 29cm
      arm lenght : 21.5cm

      Hi I am domado:)
      I have message about price of dolls.
      we lowered price of dolls because of the exchange rate on America. It's so high..

      UNI-KKOTMU $470.00 with horse parts, eyeballs,wig and make-up.
      price is the same all UNI dolls.(sanmanul,zoomok,jado)

      Human-kkotmu $340.00 with eyeballs,wig and make-up.
      price is the same all human dolls.(sanmanul,zoomok,jado)

      Goni&geul&assi $430.00 with eyeballs,wig and make-up.

      okja&okki&sleeping okja $360.00 with eyeballs,wig and make-up.

      Applebin-goni & geul is each $510.00 including outfit and make up.

      Feel free to email me If you have questions or want to place order.

      Thank you all. Have a great day~ :)
    4. I think the measurements are wrong. I thought the dolls were 57 cm. high.

      I think the measurements posted are actually Okja's
    5. Hm, i cannot see the picture