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Domadoll Baby Alien Ippo discussion part 1

Mar 10, 2009

    1. meet my little Ippo:


      isn't she the cutest little thing? *love*
    2. That's what I was thinking. I wasn't really doing much with my little Bobobie, but if she was an mp3 player I would take her everywhere. She is the perfect size. This is the company Domadoll got their player from, and I found this that looks pretty similar.
    3. OMG ..iM SO IN LOVE with Domadoll ...Ippo is just to die for
      my camera is on charge and I will take some pictures of her later ..she is stunning ...adore her
      she is ranking one of my favorite tinys ..so well made so chubby I am actually going to call her Ippo too ..it just suits her

      ..oh yes ..she HASNT got the white resin pants like the promo pictures ..she is all normal resin colour

    4. Doma just updated the news are with a change to ippo. It seems to be a smaller doll or just a change to a different pelvis? a regular doll one instead of molded? with instead a cloth diaper? so before it was molded?
    5. it is ...my little Ippo has the natural resin coloured pelvis
      she is absolutly cracking little tiny ..I love her
    6. Siru says hello! Is there still any other Ippos around here?

    7. Just because there´s been too little of Ippo spam lately...

      Happy Siru dancing with Danbo!

    8. No other people having any Ippo spam, so once again Siru wants to say hi for all!


      She´s such a cutie! But I still haven´t got the mp3 player working. I´d need a connection link to add it on computer and haven´t one with the similar ending. It´s different than usb or like the camera or cell phone I have.
    9. I know it´s quiet but here´s a bump as Siru is such a cutie! She would make a nice baby for a Minifee, though Filippa might not be the mothering type.

    10. Cleaning and organizing Domadoll threads. Please Pm me if you see something that goes in first page FAQ.