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Domadoll Centaurs discussion part 1

Feb 2, 2006

    1. Anyone else order her? She's Ru size, 28cm.

      ......Mod Notes......

      This is a discussion of Domadoll tinies.

      Kkotmu and Jado Centaurs, Unicorn and their human versions.

      Company website:

      Tutorial: How to change human into Centaur...

      Domadoll database on DoA:

      Domadoll Hybrids:

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      Domadoll Okja and Okki 29cm discussion part 1:

      DomaDoll Centaur discussion part 1:
    2. I have a Kkotmu, her name is Oskadis:


      Her "butt up" was by PamSD :)
    3. I bought Kkotmu here on DOA and got Zoomok from Domado on ebay. My last LJ post has pics of them. http://1olly.livejournal.com/

      I love them! They pose well and are even sweeter in person.

      Clochette, I am so jealous of Oskadis's butt up! Its really lovely
    4. I just received an e-mail form Domadoll about the rereleases of the domadoll girls that we were waiting for so long! It was an e-mail offering an advance order for those who were sending many messages to them to ask for the girls and waited a long time the official opening of the sales will be withing the week , I'm sure most of you received such a message too! I couldn't accept though, too many expanses but i'll sure place an order later next month maybe, there are only 20 of them for now but more will come the next few months, here is a part of the e-mail :



      Rest of the pictures here:


      At last!!! They are super cute!!! The hor idea was perfect and it's nice that they offer a discount within the event, it was a bit difficult to understand the whole message but I think that was what they meant with these prices, they will be selling them in that price for that period 'cause we waited for a really long time! Can't wait to be able to order mine later...love the new versions
    5. No, she is the new body with the undeveloped chest. Which is fine with me, but she did come with the Unicorn horn. The horn is very, very tiny, really rather cute! Kkotmu herself looks like a little elfspirit anyway, no horsebutt needed to prove she is magical! (yeah--I really like her!):aheartbea

      Here is her chest and her Unicorn horn
      I also have to add that she sits perfectly straight and well balanced without any problem. Not many can do that!
    6. Bwahahahahahaha..

      That was my doll. You must buy one.. we will take over the world. :)

      Yeah, the legs can be a little problematic. I think sueding will help too. I find it harder to do any *different* posing on smooth surfaces other than the normal standing upright. I wonder if putting something on the bottom of the hooves (like felt or something) will help?

    7. I would test one of the inside of the joints with a teeny weeny bit of hot glue and see how it reacts. I bet a dollop of hot glue on each hoof (in the shape of a wee little horseshoe of COURSE) would help a lot!

      Honestly I find I have difficulties with ANY doll that is not sueded and wired, but that is a personal preference.

      It doesn't make me stop wanting one. :3
    8. You should find more info and pictures by searching for domadoll (one word) or kkotmu

      Also apparently there are new body measurements member CathyM gave me which I have not yet put in the tiny chart (and I never had full measurements for the old body!)

      New Unisex Kkotmu measurements:
      Company : Domadoll
      Main English Sales Site : www.domadoll.com
      Doll Model : Kkotmu (Human)
      Genders : U
      Height : 28cm
      Head size : 6.5(inch)
      Eye size : 12cm
      Foot length : 4cmx1.5cm
      Chest : 12.5cm
      Waist : 12cm
      Hips : 13.5cm
    9. Yes, they're close in scale to Bambicrony or Ru, with a little more maturity to their body shape and slightly thicker in the arms and legs. She fits nicely in Barbie tops and skirts.


      My Kkotmu, Oskadis, is from the first group sold, so I had to get her front hooves later as she only came with human feet initially. Her buttup is by PamSD.

    10. She was painted by PamSD, when I got her she was NS tone all over. The tails are glued in, so you have to pull them out to replace them. Right now it's just kind of shoved in there, so it's not terribly secure. I plan to insert a little rare-earth magnet in there, and make interchangeable tails for her.
    11. i received my domadolls yesterday, everything are perfect except the kicking legs issue. althought i change one of them into human body. the kicking legs issue still not resolve.. is it the stringing too tight?
    12. Love your dolls! I have Domadolls and They can be a little kicky, esp when tight ... loosen the stringing just a bit and then if you still are unhappy, I would suede them. I have not sueded mine yet .. but plan to after the holidays. Sueding helps so much
    13. Could someone please tell a newbie exactly what sueding is? I have a couple of tinys that are very kicky and while we inserted pipe cleaners into the joints, it doesn't seem to have helped much. Is there something else I can do?

    14. Sueding is when you glue pieces of suede (rough side out) to the socket of the doll to help the ball stay into place. For tinies there was a guy on ebay selling plither, which is really thin.
      Like this .. poor Coco, this is an embarrassing shot
    15. FYI, sueding can also be accomplished with hot glue, which in my personal experience is easier and works a lot better. They don't call me the "Hot Glue Fairy" for nothing. ;)
    17. What is "plither"? I tried ultrasuede on a tiny today and it did not work for me - still too slippery...

    18. I had a Domadoll Kkotmu who would absolutely not stand! I normally don't like sueding or wiring as I like my dolls to have movement, but this was annoying!
      I hot-glue sueded all her joints, then I gave her a re-stringing, and she posed like a dream thereafter!

      Dandelion Fair: Pliver is a super thin suede. Personally I don't like to use suede, I find the hotglue works much better and there's nothing to cut or try to fit... and no dark spots at the joints!

      Basically you just heat up your glue gun, and smear a bit in the cleaned joint cup. Sometimes it doesn't take or pops out if the joints are too smooth. You can sand them a little if so for adhesion. I've seen some people just apply a dot of glue, and it worked.

    19. hi ravendolls, i tried the hot glue sueded. they'r much better now :)