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Domadoll Cooki discussion part 1

Jul 27, 2009

    1. Cute or what! love her unusual face !

      she is Yo-sd size but her head is a bit larger as is her body a bit fatter! , I think she takes a size 8 wig.

      Heres the news thread you can see her sisters

      Domadoll tells me she is wearing size 12mm eyes in this shot but can also wear 14mm for thoes that are wondering how small her eyes might be.



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    2. She is wearing size 12mm eyes fyi in that picture.
    3. Here's sweet COOKI:
      You just fall in love with her the moment you see her for real:
    4. You will just fall in love with her when you see her for real:


      Thank you, dear friends, for loving Cooki !
    5. I still expect my Cookie to be like this when I get her, but...

      Guys, for a completely different side to Cookie, take a look at this flickr set belonging to customlovers (who are doll artists?)


      (I linked the 1st photo in the set.)
      It's what Cookie would be like if she lived in 1930s Berlin and went to a lot of nightclubs (and sang throaty songs about being deserted by her lovers). I think it's amazing. I always thought on her as a young girl, but here she could be any age up to about 40.
      Amazingly imaginative. I love the picture of her blushed nipples (am I allowed to say that???)

      Also have you seen Dust of Dolls Puns? (the doll there was all the controversy about recently). Her face and the total look of her reminds me a lot of Cookie. I'd love to get a Puns and a Cookie and have them be friends.

    6. I am so glad to find a Cooki thread. She is my favorite girl in the world!

      And she is my siggy picture.
    7. My Guppy is one of my favorite dolls ever! I love this unique little mold:
      guppy by bagofspiders, on Flickr
    8. Question for you lovely Cooki owners: Have you found that she will fit into other dolls' clothes (Lati Green? YoSD?) or have you been making clothes for her?

      Either way, please keep posting photos of this lovely, unusual little girl, so the rest of us can live vicariously through you ;)
    9. Thank your laurmann2000 :)
      anbaachan, my Cooki shares clothes with the other dolls I have of similar size, but some things fit better than others. Her body has defined breasts which really throws off how some of the clothing fits, as most clothing for dolls of this size range are made for dolls with a flat chest.
    10. Here is my Cooki, Beatrice.

      juno101, I recognize that Chabi! ;) No wonder she warmed up to Bea so quickly!
    11. I wanted to voice out that the wig came with Domadoll stains. I got a black & a few brunette wig from Domadoll & it stained my Cooki! Be careful with your use!
    12. Wow, I have had Cookie's wig on almost always as I keep my girls dressed and wigged if I am not sewing for them? It is the wig she came with.
      I had a stained PF Bonnie and used teeth whitening strips I got at a yard sale for $1. I put a few on her stained spots for a few hours then wiped the off, didn't even need a magic eraser! But you can just try the eraser, God's gift to BJDs:D
    13. Hi, Cooki just made a new friend!
    14. Very cute and they really are the perfect friends. Almost the exact same size. Is that a Kim Lasher doll? The wig on your Cookie makes her look like she belongs in the 50's. A real old-fashioned girl. Love it.
    15. HI, laurmann2000, yes, that's Lilly from Kim Lasher.
      She's really cute and suits Cooki as a playmate.
      Thank you!
    16. [​IMG]

      she came with the little bear, who is wearing a teeeeeny tiny knitted sweater hoodie! ...she needs lighter eyes (her eyes are so small, anything dark just drowns them out) and a different wig (her default, while beautiful, is just too dark & heavy for her character). she's certainly one of the sweetest dolls around. i love how she can point her feet, the sculpting on her tiny ankles/heels and the range of motion for her head (she can lay on her tummy & watch things with my on my ipod).

      love. her. :aheartbea
    17. My Cooki says "Merry Christmas!!"