Domadoll head swapping? Hybrid discussion

Sep 28, 2006

    1. Oskadis has a yellow tone to her skin, she doesn't really match Yo, Leeke, BambiCrony, Ru or Petite AI. The closest is BambiCrony, but they're a lot lighter than she is. She's also older, though, so maybe she's just yellowed.
    2. I really love Domadoll Kkotmu's serious and pouty face, but I am not fond at all of the domadoll body (I am talking about the human one, I have no interest in the centaur).
      My favourite tiny bodies are the Yo-SD. Any chance of that working, mayhap?
      Does anyone have both Yo-SD and a domadoll to do comparisons? Would the head even attach?

      Thanks in advance for any help.
    3. Pardon her blank head-ness, she is getting painted like a My Little Pony tomorrow... :sweat


      It looks a little small on the body, but w/ wig and clothes it wouldn't be off enough to bother your average person. However, the head opening is much smaller than the yo neck, so it doesn't sit/rotate well--you would probably want to slim down and shorten the neck on the body a bit to reduce the whole 'marble on a pool cue' syndrome.

      Also, the resin is slightly off--the head is slightly lighter, the doll herself is about a year old, the leg part she's holding in her hands are replacement leg parts (so I could have some non-painted ones) and are just a month or two old (? I believe... I bought them from a DOA member), they are much darker. I'm not saying more orangey/pinky, because the tint color is spot on (most likely mixed to match Volks), it just seems to be more saturated in his newer batches. IMO the lighter color is a better match, so definitely look for a used head if you can--it could be very easily disguised with proper blushing.

      The only issue being--Domadoll does not sell heads separately, and you may have a hard time selling the body (although maybe easier selling a centaur) because this *does not* work in reverse, the volks heads are too large, and it is much more difficult to modify a neck hole that's too small than too large. Unless you know someone who likes the bobble-head look... ^^' Sorry I cannot take a pic of this, her body is unassembled right now!

      Once it is reassembled, I can look into fitting bambicrony heads on domadoll bodies, as their proportions are MUCH more similar (they wear the same wig size, which is much too small for yos). Elf-eared Kumi on centuar body? Sounds cute~~ +__+ Ahem. ;)
    4. Actually, my last comment got me thinking--and I stuck her head on my bambicrony's and the fit is much better. Perfect, actually...


      Sorry about all the crappy picture quality but I'm never home during the day to take pics (not that it's ever 'light out', anyway... :sigh)

      The resin match is closer saturation-wise, but the bambicrony resin is definitely pinker than the volks/domadoll resin, which has more of a yellowish hue to it, in comparison.

      I would recommend bambicrony bodies anyway, if you're making a hybrid. Their hands look much nicer/more articulated than the yos', in my opinion, and their rotating legs are easier to move into the sitting position than the suwarikko grooves on yos. Plus they're cheaper, and available for separate sale. :D
    5. NP~ glad I could help! :D The BC body is pretty great, if for no other reason than they can hold a pose with their hands touching their face/head... I know my volks dolls can't do that... -3-

      I *am* tempted to get her one now, of course... LOL... ^_^' The BC hands are my favourite tiny hand sculpt~ +__+ SO detailed for being that tiny. Plus I love that their dolls come with an extra pair of hands!!
    6. A guess it is really obvious that I'm sooooo into Bambicrony the last few weeks:sweat , and I was really wondering the other day, if a BC Elf Kumi head would fit beautifully on a Domadoll centaur body...Would it look nice or a bit odd since Kumi's head is 16,3 cm while domadoll's head is 16,50:? ???

      I really wonder, 'cause If I make it and find an Elf Kumi head or a full Elf Kumi anyway, I would like to try something like that, with a centaur would look really cute if it suited well:roll: !!


      Is there a big skin difference between kumi and domadoll body? Is it more yellow or something? I e-mailed domadoll to ask for the price and if I can have just the body and not the head and they agreed but they said I have to wait 'cause they're out of female bodies right now! So I just need to know this if a Kumi head would fit on a domadoll body depending on the size and skin color!!!

      Thank you very much! ^____^
    7. I don't think size would be an issue (that's only a 2mm difference), but color-match would Kkotmu is way yellower than my Kumi.
    8. Oh you have a Kumi and a kottmu, is it WS or NS Kumi??I'm really curious...much yelower huh??Hmmm too bad...:roll:
    9. What if you switch from the lower torso but then you'd need one doll and two bodies
    10. Kkotmu only comes in one color, a beige-y normal skin. My Kumi is NS, and pinker than Kkotmu. I'll see if I can get some pics this weekend of the two together for you.
    11. Sorry, I was trying to get pics in normal light rather than with flash, as it's difficult to capture the skintone difference, but since you have a time issue:

      Clarification on the painting issue--Oskadis has her horse parts painted but her upper torso is normal skin

      How she looks completed:
      Her legs are painted as well, so that pretty much eliminates my using her "human" version, unless I want to get an extra set of legs--since I got her to be a centaur, it wasn't an issue. If you're looking to paint her, that's probably a decision you need to make.

      Comparisons for head size/color. Kkotmu is a tad yellower than Kumi, but you should be able to deal with that with some blushing. The size of the heads seem similar, though Kkotmu's neck looks slightly thicker in RL. Please excuse Oskadis's wonky eye, it decided to move when I set her down, darn sculpey.
      The only thing that stands out to me structurally is that little ridge at the back of the neck opening on Kumi's head...not sure how that would limit with Kkotmu's neck.
    12. Oh thank you so much clochette for those really great pictures!!! :D :D :D


      You helped me very much!! Sorry to put you in all that trouble!!!

      Hmmm I think there won't be much problem with the skin color difference too 'cause it's really very close as I can see from the pictures...I guess there won't be such problem, and I can do some blushing indeed;) !

      As for the neck thing I guess there won't be a problem with that either, I'll find a way, your pictures are really very detailed, and I now think that my Kumi head will look beautiful on a Domadoll body, can't wait to have it done:) !!!

      Thank you very much guys!!!
    13. PamSD is the artist, she does wonderful work. It took her a while to get it just right...pretty much all of May and June of last year (she did all the sanding, felted her joints, the works). I am so happy with how she came out :)