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Domadoll Kkotmu Yellowing

Jan 11, 2007

    1. I bought a third hand Kkotmu last October, and at the time I thought she was fine. Now she looks remarkably yellow -- has anyone else had this problem? Do new Kkotmus start out with a yellow tint to the resin? Some of the Domadoll site pictures do look yellow, while others look pinky white, so it's hard for me to tell.
      Since I love the head mold, I'd be willing to get a new doll, but I'm afraid it would have the same problem. Or, I could put the head on a Bambicrony body, but would a new face up for my existing, yellowish head help? Could the head be painted to match the Bambicrony body resin, or is that a bad idea?
      Any help would be appreciated. By the way, I've always kept my dolls in my gloomy, north facing living room, so they're never in sunlight.
    2. Have you tried sanding her? I've also heard that blushing usally helps with yellowing.
    3. Yes, new Kkotmus are a bit yellowish, especially when compared to other NS resins. I hadn't noticed additional yellowing on the non-painted parts of her, but the base color of the painted part is brown so that might be masking how it appears to me.
    4. I definately noticed yellowing on the older Kkotmu after she arrived I think that the old resin she used does yellow fast. I hear the new ones are a bit lighter I asked the artist about this and she said yes its lighter resin, I wonder if they also yellow fast.
    5. Man my very first Kkotmu (very first run) was yellow the day she arrived in the mail!!!! I think it's just the resin Domadoll uses.
      I'd suggest commenting to the maker if it troubles you...

      I love Domadoll anyhow...!

    6. Yes well mine was also yellow the day she arrived but she got more yellow also. Yes might be a good idea to ask because she should be able to tell you if the current batch has a yellow color to it. I think it doesn't hurt to tell her your thoughts and why your asking too :)
    7. My Kkotmu is rather yellow, as well, but I also got her second-hand, so I can't tell how she looked when she was new!

      I've been thinking about sanding her, though it doesn't bother me overly much.
    8. Thanks for all the very useful information. I'll have to think more about what I want to do next. Maybe a new face up, and some sanding and blushing is the way to go, but I'm not sure. Decisions, decisions!