Domadoll Okja and Okki 29cm discussion part 1

Mar 12, 2008


      what an impossibly adorable little set of pictures and story! SOOO cute! I'm dyin'.

      i love the pics of the supermodels going "help us!" LOL... this rocks.

      hey - editing to quote domadoll here, in the first post, so people see it. They answered my question about the eyes, and provided an email address in case you're having trouble ordering. Check below!
      .....mod note...

      This is a discussion for Domadoll Okja

      Okja measurements from News:
      Height: 29
      Head: 7.6 inch
      Feet: 4cm
      Eyes: 18mm
      Waist: 12cm
      Arms: 11.4cm
      Legs: 11.4cm
      Buttocks: 16cm

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    2. Ahaha As a chubby girl myself, this doll rocks XD I really want one but am saving for another first. Anyone know if she is limited or standard edition? Also it says "draw the eyes as you like" But in her photos she has glass eyes, so which is it?
    3. I believe she comes with a pair of blank eyes you can draw on if you want, or, you can use glass eyes in her. it seems that way from the pictures.

      i think she's adorable. the whole story is outstanding. Here! I'll save you! Have a piggie-shaped cookie! Kapwing!!
    4. She can wear 18mm eyes, so you don't have to use the ones to paint if you don't want to according to her measurements. The eyes look removeable. She is adorable.
    5. Hello
      I am sorry I make you all confusedTT
      resin eyeballs are our service item. she already has on acrylic eyeballs.
      so.. If you purchase her, you will get acrylic eyeball and resin eyeball.
      I am sorry again I make you all confused...
      anyway thank you for you all interest^^
      Have a nice day~
    6. If you want to purchase it or ask some question , feel free to mail me through my google. [email protected]
      thank you~
    7. [​IMG]


      Thank you all :)
    8. Ok, I emailed my questions:

      Hi ~
      I had a few questions about your doll.

      1. Will she come with her face made up?

      2. Will she be offered again in the future?

      She is very cute.
      Thank you

      And got a favorable response:

      I answer your question:)
      1. yes~
      2. yes~
      Is it enough answer?
      thank you~
    9. [​IMG]


      My name is Okja monroe :) hehehe
    10. My girl came home today as well!! Both halves of Winifred together at last. (Ru is Winnie and Okja is Eddie.)


      Her head really is huge. :o She's wearing one of my MiniFée's wigs in the pic. I have her wearing a Teenie Gem top so I guess stretchy Yo sized tops in general would work. Especially since her huge head is super easy to take off. I have a Narsha hoodie which is a nice loose fit on her and Bambicrony CB boots are a perfect fit.

      She is a joy to pose and has the most adorable hands! :aheartbea
    11. Yay! My little girl arrived today in mail! Along with a little friend... I ordered both Okja and Jado-Uni. I work all this week, and this weekend I'm going out to Seattle so I won't be able to really get to know them for about a week... But I did get to hang out with Okja a little bit, and since I had a couple heads (My other kids are getting a 'spa' treatment right now) laying around I played around a bit. I CANNOT wait till I get to spend more time with them!

      Of course the first thing I did was open up her head! Okja has a great little system for opening her head. The headcap is magnetic, so it comes off easy, and inside the S hook has a little resting spot, its sooo easy to remove and get into her stringing. (ahem.. its also easy to lose the string into the body... it was pretty easy to string her back up too... thankfully!). First one is with the headcap off, then the second one is where it twists to release the head, and the head just slides right off, you leave the S hook on and everything!

      A close-up of the cute little maker's mark inside of the head, sorry its blurry!

      Heads! So you can see the size relationships....

      I put my TF Xiao's head on her body, and actually, I think it matches up pretty good, resins off a little, Amy's a little to pink for Domadoll's resin.

      And pooor Si... his head went on too... of course!

      I didn't think of it but for kicks I should have stuck Kkotmu's head on there... Anyways after a little crochet hook and sore fingers... Okja's head was back on as it should be! And I pulled out some wigs laying around.

      First up is a LUTS Minifee wig. It's a good fit, a little snug, but works nicely. I like the colors.. but the wig is longer then she is!

      Next I used a Leeke World size 7-8. One fit just fine, but another one I had couldn't get on easily, and it kept popping off. I think the minifee fit better...

      And last is Okja and Jado!

      And then I noticed I only had 15 minutes till go to work so it was kids away and off to work with me. After only a little while playing with them, I can't wait till next week... More coming soon!
    12. Thanks :) The top is dollmore narsha, and the skirt is anotherspace Yo :)
    13. Lu, if I buy one, I'll have to fly over there and beat you with my empty wallet for making me. ...I was going to reward myself for finishing this semester of school (which was really tough) with a puki or two..but I may need this little girl. She looks so amazing. There's a reason I stayed away from here! it's so I don't fall for her! I'm assuming she doesn't fit in narsha bottoms? I need to be practical- how hard is she to dress? I know you said some of yo sized things work..
    14. I love the shade you chose for her lips Lu! I can't wait till my day off to redo Ed's face as well. Her eyebrows are driving me mad.

      Good to know Yo bottoms work, I'd been wondering about exactly that today.
    15. zombchan - *snickers* I've got a puki I can tempt you with too...but everyone needs an okja! lol

      Thanks for all the nice words everyone <3

      She's actually pretty cool to dress, she can fit into SOME of my bambi's stuff, but not the dollheart things, nearly everything else Yo sized seems to be a safe bet tho! Not sure about trousers cos of those gorgeous fat little thighs, but she wears yo shoes comfortably.

      I actually ordered her some leathers from Marsh long before she arrived cos the idea of her having skin tight leather to show off her little muffintops was irresistable hehe I would say no to Narsha bottoms purely because of her thighs.

      To all the other owners, if you're planning on keeping the faceup, I don't think it's sealed well if at all, so blitz with a bit of the ole MSC eh :) I took off all I wanted to on Kitty there with nothing more than a light wipe with a bit of magic sponge...and I mean LIGHT wipe! I was expecting to have to crack out the alcohol and scrub, but she was practically bare faced in about 3 wipes!
    16. Here's my little girl after arrival

      I can't touch my toes!

      But I can kneel

      And I can be innocent as well
    17. Has anyone found clothes that fit Okja? Can she wear YoSD shoes and outfits? She has a very different style. I am not sure how to dress her.
    18. My girl wears Yo and Narsha clothes, but you do have to watch things that are tight :)