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Domadoll) Rudolph Uni kkotmu

Dec 10, 2008

    1. [​IMG]

      While kkotmu see the want ad to be Rudolph for santa, she decide to receive an interview~

      Does santa believe she is real Rudolph?

      Cute kkotmu's plan getting fake Rudolph a part time!!

      Can she make it?

      Please watch for her :)

      Christmas event!!

      Christmas event "Rudolph Uni kkotmu" limited 10 sets

      Default : Uni kkotmu(or jado)+vintage outfits
      kkotmu head or jado head : brown glass eyeballs (12mm)
      Uni headcorn : gray acrylic eyeballs (18mm)

      *Choose one kkotmu head or jado head you like.
      *Oufits are handmade so fabric's pattern and button are little different from each one.

      *teddy bear is included in basic set.

      *All stuffs are handmade work by domado

      *You can choose one hair (white mohair or black mohair)

      If you want to purchase it or ask some question ,
      feel free to mail me through my google. domadoll@gmail.com



      Thank you :)