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domadoll " Super Herline Venus OKJA!! "

Mar 12, 2008

    1. [​IMG]

      Let me introduce new Domadoll!! It is ‘Super Heroine Venus’ OKJA!!

      She has a little secret of her own.
      Usually, she is an ordinary girl, but when someone needs her help she transforms in to Super Heroine Venus’ OKJA.
      Her wand is a lollipop. Everyone is enchanted by her.

      Fall in love with her.
      Thank you for your interest in my doll and web site.

    2. [​IMG]

      Let me introduce new Domadoll!!
      It is ‘Super Heroine Venus’ OKJA!!
      The world where beauty means thin and long is gone.
      From now on, ‘Super Heroine Venus’ OKJA is the new definition of beauty; Chubby face, tree trunk sized thigh, and big waist line.
      Watch and feel the story of ‘Super Heroine Venus’ OKJA.
      Wait to see her action! Here she goes!

      She thinks herself sexy, but others just think she is adorable.

      - Her characteristics -

      * Draw her eyeballs yourself as you like!

      * She is divided in to three parts: chest, tummy, and buttocks, so it is easier and more natural when moving.

      * Because she is chubby, she is very cute when you put her clothes on.
      (She is actually very glamorous and has wonderful body line!)

      Height: 29
      Head: 7.6 inch
      Feet: 4cm
      Eyes: 18mm
      Waist: 12cm
      Arms: 11.4cm
      Legs: 11.4cm
      Buttocks: 16cm


      * Default: acrylic eyeball ,wig(balck or pink), resin eyeball with drawing your self. *

      Thank you​

      *If you want to purchase it or ask some question , feel free to mail me through my google. domadoll@gmail.com
    3. is she limited? i sure hope not, i want her but i need more money!!
    4. Does she come with the outfit?

    5. Hello^^
      come to visit my site~
      there are 3 version about okja~
      thank you~
    6. do you sell clothes for your dolls? Like Kkotmu and okja?
      Because they aren't really the standard bjd size, so would I have to make the clothes myself, or do you sell clothes too?
      Thanks :)
    7. She's a cutie
      can I see a shot of the headcap or face plate open ?