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domadollelf Kkotmu/kkotmu Kidrelease Today

Feb 2, 2006

    1. I like how the centaur part is referred to as 'elf'.
    2. I didn't notice until you said that, and now I'm irritated too. Ah, well, no money anyway. Hahahaaaa~ I'm broke ;.;
    3. I believe there is a notice on the order board that she is not taking any more orders.

    4. Pony_gery are you refering to this: sorry~ you can not order more than this option.. (impossible^^)

      If you are she is talking about asking for more options such as different wig or something different from the two pictures.

      I don't see anywhere she says she stopped taking orders in the board area.
    5. *nods* I think she's still taking orders for more dolls - domado is just not able to give us additional parts eg - I'd asked about getting extra hoof feet and was given the response of "sorry~ you can not order more than this option.. (impossible^^)" too.

      Can't wait for my email! :)
    6. I think you are right you can not order the extra parts like pelvis etc..

    7. I think that's right, but don't quote me ;) I'm also thinking that if everyone's asking about additional hoof parts, she might be able to make them... *keeps her fingers crossed*

      *frowns* I wonder if Domado is a girl or a guy.. I've fallen into the whole idea of calling everyone "she" even tho I know ppl here who are not girls :) Anyone else find themselves doing that? *lol*
    8. Cool, man, I like her. Wish there's more photos showing how to change to human form. Or is it not possible? What I want to know is whether she/he can stand alone like the one (human) on the right side of the photo. Sorry if I'm not absorbing everyone's comments here, my head is so blocked.
    9. Reggie,

      Check these pages: http://www.domadoll.com/picture.htm?bbs=gallery_question&start=6&searchMode=&seachText=


      Looks like there is a separate lower torso piece for when she is in human form. I assume she comes with both lower torso pieces so you can convert her from elf to human and back again, as you wish.

      Vicki J., Ohio

    10. Thanks, Vicki. I didnt click as far to those pages, such an impatient fool I'm.

      Like everyone's said, it'll be super irresistible if the front leg parts are hoofs like the hind legs and then a complete human lower part. What am I talking about? Hope this make sense. I'm still in a cloud.
    11. Sent my payment in today! Hopefully I'll get the confirmation of payment receipt from Domado soon.

      Oooh, and if any one else has problems logging in to her bbs / order page, DISABLE your firewall - mine prevents me from writing. ;) you can re-enable it once you've posted your message, but it won't let you in otherwise!

      And yes, she takes Paypal and wire transfers! (we're not sure if it's the business account since everyone I know who's ordered aside from me paid with CC and thus far, everyone's payment is unclaimed. We're also not sure if she's running into the "you've exceeded your monthly transaction limit, so you have to wait" deal that Paypal has on its personal accounts).

      ---> SHOP HERE (The link to the ordering bbs is on PAGE 2 at the bottom :) it says "*an order is here!!!!")

      Elf_kkotmu is $530 + shipping ($30.93 for shipping in the US)
      kkotmu is $390 + shipping (not sure if this is the same shipping rate, I only got the elf - anyone just get kkotmu?)
    12. I got both (1 elf and 1 human) and the shipping to Los Angeles was $49.26.
    13. I ordered! hope I get a fast reply @_@

      A question thought, she's 28 cm I think, what other dolls are this size? I wonder what size of wig she wears...
    14. She wears a size 6 wig it says on the page with the elf and human and is 11 inches. I guess she is yo-sd size but she is slimmer overall.
    15. *nods* Yeah I didn't know there was a limit! Tho I'm sure Domado never expected a flood of people requesting her dollies ;) Congrats lorka on getting the last one of this batch! (^_^)

      And she's confirmed she can't accept credit card payments just yet, but they should be able to get them in the next week :)

      OOOH ORders are OVER! Domado has put in a lil "END ORDER"
    16. I paid for both of mine now.

      there is a notice there:

      hi^^ i am doamdo.

      sorry my buyer~

      we do not claim a payment yet .

      because we do not prepare visa card. T-T

      so we claim payment a week after^^:

      forgive me

      we sell a doll for the first time.

      so many mistake we have -_-;;

      but we will endeavor to produce a good doll !!!!

      thanks you

      *** I guess this means our money will stay unclaimed for a week till she get the credit card premier update ?
    17. Yes, probably it will remain unclaimed for a bit, but at least she knows we paid and that is some relief!! She's soooo cute!! *blink* *blink*

      Congrats, Lorka!!
    18. I wonder if they'll sell her again after they catch up with these orders.. Does anyone know?
    19. If they don't I'm going to cry. I want her so badly, but couldn't afford to shell out $530 right now. I think they will though, and in fact I just emailed asking about that, so hopefully I'll find out soon.