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Domadoll's event

Oct 13, 2008

    1. Hello~I am Domado
      The USD exchage rate is instable in Korea. It's so high.
      I think, other countries suffer same situation.
      So I decide to shave all products.
      It will be continued by being stabie of USD.

      thank you~ ​

      Uni - kkotmu,jado,sanmaul,zoomok $530.00 ->$460.00

      Human- kkotmu,jado,sanmaul,zoomok $400.00 ->$340.00

      Goni & geul $490.00 ->$430.00

      Original Okja $430.00 ->$350.00


    2. Adorable! Is the bag for sale?
    3. I'm in love with the unis! Do they come with the wig & tail? I was confused on that part.
    4. Hello
      thank you all for your interest~
      bag is not sale.
      and wig & tail are included in basic set!!

      thank you^^
    5. A couple more questions if it's ok...Does the basic set include a faceup & will the uni's be limited? They are so on my wishlist now! Although it might be awhile before I can afford one. Also is there a discussion thread somewhere? >.<;; Sorry if the questions aren't ok for a news thread.
    6. Hello
      all elf sets includes faced up^^
      and write domadoll or domado or kkotmu or jado... in search tool. then you will get more information to my dolls^^

      thank you~
    7. Why your site www.domadoll.com does not open? I wish to buy uni-kkotmu =/ There is such information -

      You don't have permission to access / on this server.

      Apache/1.3.39 Server at domadoll.com Port 80"
    8. Lyuka, it works for me. Maybe it's because of you internet software.
      You can contact Domado at domadoll@gmail.com Domado is very very sweet!
      I just ordered a Geul last week and she is already coming to me :)
    9. Thank you all:)

      and thank you for replying to Lyuka instead of me.

      ^^ Have a nice day~
    10. Domado

      is it possible to buy only your girls' head not fullset?