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Domadoll's NEW A baby alien "IPPO"

Mar 10, 2009

    1. you have the most awesome, vivid, playful imagination ever. I love her built in diaper, highheels, tail and carrier - and being an mp3 player too is incredible!

      just checking - can we order the mp3 player separately later, if we buy the basic ippo now?
    2. Wait, does she have a functional MP3 player built into her head?
    3. Yes she does!

      You people are so creative. I never would have thought about putting an MP3 player into a doll's head.
    4. Whoa :O How much memory does the MP3 player have?
    5. Hello
      Thank you for all your interest^^
      Here is MP3's spec

      Model: INO-500

      Interface : USB2.0 data transfer
      supporting OS: Windows 2000 / XP / VISTA
      power supplyer: A charging Li-polymer battery.
      play time: about 8 hour.
      supporting format:MP# / WMA / OGG
      frequency : 20Hz~20KHz

    6. So mac users can't use the mp3 player, even if we have the dual processor mac?
    7. Is she a limited? :O
      (Do want! XD)
    8. If you dual boot you can.
    9. This killed me with cute! XD
      You guys are so innovative~ <3

      ...I was wondering if he/she can fit kelly or puki-sized clothing?
    10. Ippo is not limited edition.^^
    11. Tell me please, why, instead of your site, I always see a litany inscription
      You don't have permission to access / on this serve
      I have a Russian IP - probably with the IP you enter is not possible?
    12. Hello.
      ... Many Russian users didn't come to my site so email me "what I have to do?"....
      but... I don't have solution about that... I am sorry...
      so we decide to sell IPPO by email and denofangrls...

      anyway... thank you all
      Have a good day~
    13. I had the same problem and I'm in the US. Try copying and pasting the link to this site: http://ipmask.org/
    14. FritziDirt,
      although this did not help. try to ask our sysadmin. However, what you want in this world systadmins!
    15. OMG! She is the most adorable thing ever! I don't really care for the MP3 player, but I love the rocket pocket! Please tell me if it is possible to order her without the monkey tail and high heels. And is the diaper removable?
    16. ** Ippo's new information
      Ippo's pelvise was changed. white pelvise to normal skin pelvise with white cloth diaper. :)


      Thank you~ :)
    17. Same question that was asked before cause im curious as well, will the MP3 player head able to be bought later on or is it only part of the fullset?

      She is adorable, and would love to get her but maybe only basic to start...
    18. HAHAHAHA THAT is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      so thay have another head cap to replace the alienish one?
    19. Thank you for your interest.

      only MP3 + alien head cap = $90.00

      It is possible to replace cap^^