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Domadoll's Okki

Aug 30, 2008

    1. Domadoll has a new head for the Okja body! She's so cute!


      Now there's another I need to get... :D

      Theres also a new dress too. :)
    2. :O

      SHE IS JUST SO CUTE!!!! <3
      If I had the money she would SO be mine!
      T_T Why do I never have the money when I need it the most!
    3. She's really cute, but she looks like my Okja with a different expression. I wish I could just get the head and outfit and bear and use it as an alternate head for my cutie Okja instead of whole new doll :)
    4. She does look alot like Okja... but I figure since she's such an odd size, she needs someone else her size in the house!

      I'll get an Okki.... but it has to wait this winter, to many dolls this year already! I've been sworn to no more new ones this year. :( Although rules are to be broken!

      Domado Your photos and stories are always so cute, I go regularly to your site to check them out! :)
    5. I sooooooo want her! She'll be the sister of my Okja. Already putting money aside, as soon as I have enough, I'll order her :)
    6. i have a okja and i must have okki. i will be so poor! i love domadoll and her stories are just awesome.
    7. Okki is very cute. I think she looks a bit younger than Okja. Domadoll has done a great job on her website and it's always a pleasure to go there and while away a little. oooh, will my wishlist ever end?
    8. Awwh! Okki is very cute! It's too bad I won't be able to take advantage of the September special price... oh well. :)
    9. She's lovely, like Okja's wistful sister :) Wish I could afford both!
    10. Any Okki owners that wana share some pictures with us?
      So far not a single gallery post of this gorgeous girl and it makes me a sad panda :(
    11. yes...she is very cute......i think she is the young sister of Okja.!
    12. Any Okki pics? Anyone?
    13. check the user lulu she has both an okja and the most addorable okki ever!
    14. I love this girl and the first Ojka. They are soooo adorable. One day..... :D