domadoll's "The Little Mermaid Elf Kkotmu"

May 14, 2008

    1. [​IMG]




      The little mermaid "kkotmu" only 10 pieces of limited version
      The little mermaid to centaur....

      please love kkotmu a little changing fairy.

      come to see The little mermaid "kkotmu"s illustration~^^

      Have fun and thank you for your interest~

      *If you want to purchase it or ask some question , feel free to mail me through my google.
      thank you~
    2. whats the bottom part of the body like tail or legs??
    3. Hi
      Kiltie~ Thank you^^

      the bottom is just clothes.^^ not tail.
      Kkotmu wear pants like a mermaid.
      Thank you :)

      Have a nice day~