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Domu~net new stock of clothes

May 24, 2005

    1. Just had my normal amble around and just thpught id let everyone know they have a new stock of clothes.. some nice bit.. especially the suit

      just thought id give people a heads up...

    2. Thanks for the heads-up! :D
    3. yep, nice heads up and agree about the suit..not my style but cute^^

      Anyway these little guys can wear almost anything, wish it was so easy for us to go shoppi :oops: ng
    4. wow stuff is going out of stock fast lol.... went back to get something and its gone.. arghh shud have bought it when I got my Jeans.. Rok is glaring at me now lol...

    5. Thanks a lot for the info!!!

      Pony_gery :chibi