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Domuya 30 shoes/Serendipity Freyja 30cm; can they share with Yo-SD? ADDED MORE Q'S!

Sep 26, 2007

    1. I have answers about domuya 30 fitting yo shoes, but what about serendipity's lovely freyja?
      Also, does anyone have any advice on clothes for Freyja? (i have one arriving any day now :o )

      Thanks in advance to all *hugs *
    2. No idea - the Domuya girl's feet are .3 cm shorter than YoSD's. I do not have measurements for the Domuya boy Bobo (but if you see any, let me know).

    3. gah, i really hope they do, there are so many cute shoes out there for the Yo's!
      thanks for replying Carolyn.S, anyone else know?
    4. they can ...the only ones I have a few reservations about are Dollheart ...I dont think they would , I have some of the boys DOLLHEART and the are quite small

      the Domuya , has a wider foot ...its that funky fab joint ...Oh how I love it

      I will have a little play with the shoes I have tommorow ..but I think on the whole yeah ;)
    5. What about Leekeworld "D" size shoes (DollLeeke size I believe)?

      Leekedoll feet are 4.0 or 4.3 depending on the version of the doll.

    6. Cool! thanks guys!
    7. sweetie I tried Leeke , Dollheart
      and same size shoes from Judy`s Mal , they all fit even with the joint

      I was suprised about the Dollheart ...dont know why
      they look smaller than the others ...but they fit fine

      Luts shoes ...are the same on Yo and Domuya ...large and wide ...but I like my tinys to wear socks ..so with socks they are fine :)
    8. brilliant, thanks so much Carrie, you're a star!
    9. bumpies for new questions
    10. flowergirl, you asked about clothes for Lovely Freyja. She can wear some Marley Wentworth clothes well, mine fits nicely into the blue jeans and jacket outfit, and the wonderful fru-fru pink party dress. I think it might be an Alice in Wonderland or Wizard of Oz outfit, and I cannot remember the name of it! Something like Party of the Flowers ... The Marley drop-waisted styles don't work. Lovely Freyja can also wear Boneka dresses in size 24. I have a couple of these dresses, and they work well because of the smocking and ties, since she has a very thin body. I did let the hem out, though, since I like my dresses a little longer. She can also wear Ann Estelle dresses if they are long enough and have a waist adjustment. Ann Estelle long sleeves are too short, so you need to stay with short sleeves.

      I have not been very happy with any of the shoes I've tried for Lovely Freyja, since her foot is so long and narrow. Marley shoes don't fit, except the boots that came with the jeans outfit were okay. But my Lovely Freyja wears thick socks, and it seems to help!

      I know you will really enjoy your Lovely Freyja!

    11. Thanks very much sabrina, thats really helpful :)
      Does anyone have any suggestions RE: shoes for lovely freyja?
    12. I've just tried LaTi Green size shoes, and they fit well. They are a little wide, but they look nice. The strap needs another hole poked into it to make it snug enough. The LaTi shoes are very well made, and the leather is harder than some of the vinyl shoes, so they keep their shape and you can't really tell that Lovely Freya's foot is a bit narrow in them. LeeAnn and Ann Estelle shoes work, but they are big, so she will need thicker socks.

    13. thanks for more info sabrina, you're a star! :)
    14. Subscribing to this thread...I have a Lovely Freyja on the way home! Thanks for all the info!
    15. OMG OMG OMG!!! shes at the post office! i missed her on saturday, and they gave me customs charge delivery form thingy, (only £25.50, phew!) so will hopefully have her monday! so so excited!!!!
      on a slightly calmer note, anyone got any more suggestions for shoes and clothing? Thanks in advance! :)
    16. Okay this is a little late, but just so you know, Ken's clothes fit her perfect ^.^ If your looking for some play clothes for her to get a little messy in. jeans. teas.
    17. Really? Ken as in Ken and Barbie?