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Domuya BJDC Exclusives/Limited Edition- Has Anyone Ordered One?

Sep 19, 2006

    1. I was browsing through the threads here and found one concerning the new Domuya BJDC Limiteds that were up for sale at the Austin Convention and are now being sold on their website. Has anyone ordered one of these? I believe each doll is limited to 10 so I would have thought they would be all sold out by now. And on a side note, has anyone who was lucky enough to attend the convention seen these dolls in person, and if so what were they like?
    2. Wow, has no one bought or seen any of these dolls? I thought they were all so pretty or handsome...
    3. ...Thanks a lot

      Now I REALLY want a Victor Puppet Master.... Worst thing was I think they still might have some left since they let me put him in my cart. ;_;

      Anyone wanna buy my soul for $850?
    4. *lol* You're on your own with this one... I've done something similiar so I need someone to bail me out! I thought Victor was really handsome too! Let me know if you do end up getting him!
    5. lol i told myself no more dolls.... someone wants to buy my sanity?? lol

      i got Azziza... talk about no buying more dolls [reault = FAIL miserably...] *sighs*
    6. I bought Victor the Puppet Master at BJDC. I wasn't planning on buying a doll, but he went home with me! I had never seen a Domuya doll or their flexi-body but I really liked it. I wish I had the money to bring home Azizza the Forest Witch.
    7. well i think azzizza costumeis very nice... :D D:
    8. Coleen, could you take some pictures of your Victor and post them for me? I would love to see more pictures of him, but the one on Domuya's website are rather sketchy. They show off the costumes beautifully but I can't get a good look at their faces. And congratulations on your Victor, I think he's gorgeous but I really wish I could see more of his face, especially his eyes.
    9. Kagari, wow, I hope you take pictures of your Azziazza when she arrives. Do you know how long it will take for you to receive her?
    10. well i am trying to pay her off :D :D so yeah will be a while :D :D
    11. Karma,

      I'm out of town on business right now, but I can post pics this weekend. I don't have the boots or his vest; they are being shipped to me along with his box and certificate. But, you'll be able to see the arch joint without shoes. :)
    12. Thank you very much Coleen, I would appreciate that! I sent a discreet (I hope) email to Domuya asking them if they could come out with some new pics as the 3 they have up (for Victor as an example) don't really show the details of their dolls, since most people who plunk down that much change would probably want to see what the dolls themselves look like, and not just the costumes. But so far I haven't heard back from them. :(
      Then again, its only been a day or so since I sent the message so maybe they'll take my words into consideration...
    13. Coleen, thank you for taking the time and effort to post these pictures for me! I've gone ahead and ordered a Victor for myself also, I absolutely love his body (especially the musculature of his chest) and his lips, and overall he appears to be a very handsome guy. I do have a couple of questions and I hope you won't take this offensively, but, in a couple of the pictures his eyes seem a little out of proportion with his face, he almost seems to have the "deer in headlights" look about the eyes. Is it just the lighting or does he have this look in person also? And I read on another thread pertaining to domuya dolls that their resin doesn't feel like normal resin; apparently they have a more "plastic" feel to them. Is this true?
    14. I spent a lot of time with Jacky and Candy from Domuya after the convention and got to play with their flexi body dolls. They are made for people who like to pose their dolls a lot! The back of the lower leg is carved out to allow for really amazing poses. Amy and I liked hanging out with Jacky and Candy a lot and we hope to visit them in Hong Kong some day.
    15. Karma, the deer in the headlights look is due to the angle of the shots. You wanted to see the face, so I removed his wig and concentrated on his face. I didn't notice it in person, but can see it in these photos. I think his eyes should be re-positioned to move the pupils up closer to the top of the eye which would eliminate the scared look.

      As far as the feel of the resin I would say it depends upon what you are used to. I have Elfdoll, Souldoll, Volks, and Domuya and they all feel different. In my opionion my Volks feels more "plastic" than my Elfdoll or Souldoll.
    16. Ah, that makes me feel so much better to know that! I've had a Volks, an Elfdoll, a Narae and an N-doll and you're right, they all feel a little bit different from each other. I guess I'm spoiled by the feel of french resin; I like the tooth they have to their texture, whereas for instance the Sooah felt totally different, smoother and silkier rather than velvety. I guess I'll just have to wait til mine arrives to see how he feels to me. He's still beautiful whatever way his eyes are positioned!
    17. Whoa...he is a cutie! And what a flexible body!
    18. :D Oh my that flexi body is perfect, it's just what I need to order one day this year for my Zen, the standard is well.......not to flexible but it will do for now. Thanks for posting these pics of the body!
    19. Kagari, just... wow. Although I'm so sorry about her finger, and them not shipping the guitar as expected, but they have been so super nice to work with, I'm sure they'll fix any problems for you. Again, congratulations on your stunning girl! :aheartbea
    20. yeah they have been and i love them, but sun worry they promptly replied and promised to fix the suituation... :D :D