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Domuya Chirstmas sale : 10% off!!

Dec 15, 2005

    1. ''We are carrying out a x'mas clearnace Sales, all items under the "clearance" category are going for more than 10% discount. Please grab them as soon as possible! ''


      Check the Sales Corner for the -10% deals. I think it's sweet of Domuya to organize such a deal. I'd buy a few items but I'm not sure it'll get here before I go to Thailand.

      Happy X-mas shopping!!
    2. They have an Ushiwakamaru on clearence. O_o
    3. Where is the Clearance Section on your website? All I see is the Sales Corner. *_*
    4. Yeah, it's sales corner...

      The clothes still seem steep, but eh, they get pretty high on Volks' site, too.
      But, I guess this is what they're doing with the leftover stock from the old domuya.

      That kimono seems off, though.. says it's for 27cm in the title, but is described as being SD size and has the price of SD sized clothes..
    5. I'll second that sentiment.
    6. heather and sakura- It says it is for Yo-sd (it actually says you-sd, but some people say it that way). I believe they are 27cm. The price is steep, but it looks well made. (I still cant justify buying it though, it cost about half of a yo-sd!) *jen