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Domuya D1 Flexi Fashion mini doll discussion

Jan 2, 2008

    1. I am considering ordering a D1 Flexi Fashion Venus from Domuya.

      Does anyone own one of these and have some pics they are willing to share? The pics on the Domuya website are rather small and searching the net has turned up very little

      I would also appreciate some pics of their bodies and comments on their posability etc.


      Mod Note: This is a discussion thread for Domuya D1 Flexi Fashion mini dolls.


      Body comparison photos
      Domuya Flexi Fashion (D1 Venus)
      compared to Tan Narae, Unoa 2, Minifee, Supia Yan

    2. I don't think many people here own Flexi Fashions. The dolls are slimmer than slim minis and have smaller heads.

      Here is Tinybears thread where she tried two sizes of Unoa heads on a Flexi Fashion body:

      The 2.0 head is from Unoa 2.0 which is a Unoa type that was sold one time and is more the shape and proportions of a 16-inch fashion doll.
      The 1.0 head is a standard Unoa mini head size which at 17-cm is already in the lower range of standard mini head sizes.

      You could ask Tinybear about the body - I think it is probably very posable. I just don't think it's a doll that mixes particularly well with standard BJD minis.

    3. I have a flexi-fashion body with a SaFi head on it, she has an amazing range for posing and is beautifully sculpted, her hands are a work of art, seriously! Overall, I'd say she's easily the most realistic of my girl dolls but the body does take some getting used to, it's a bit quirky and doesn't like being just plonked down like I can do with my mnf, you need to take time posing her to get her to look ok. Here's a pic:


      Safira's body is in fact the Venus, I just be-headed her ;)
    4. I wish they would hurry up and bring a boy out !
      I LOVE this size !

      I have to take more pictures of Goldie!
    5. Hi there, sorry for the delay in responding, it is holiday time here and I have been away.... Thanks for the pics, she really does look great and I too love this size (you can squeeze more in).. Do you have any pics of Venus's head you can share? Did you not like her face? Her body is beautiful, I think I like the more "mature" looking bjd's as some look very young.:)
    7. I don't know if this will help, but I have two of these lovely ladies and I think they are fabulous! I got the normal bust version and re-did most of the face-up on mine - I got Lara. THey are really fashion doll size (Like Tonner) but a bit taller. Give me a shout if you have any questions! Here's a couple pics:



    8. This is the venus head I took off the body for Safi:

      I actually brough the body for Safi's head, so it really wasn't a question of me not liking it, more a question of having a spare head either way lol Also, I have both the chest pieces, but Safi wears the normal cos the large is in fact HUGE. Think...REALLY good push up bra/implants kinda deal ;)
    9. Wow, Venus does look like a small version of Fin!
    10. Re standards for mini BJD girls...

      There are basically two fairly standard size groups for mini girls and almost all mini girls are close to one or the other.

      1. Immature mini girls

      Height - 41cm to 44cm
      Head - 7 to 8 inches
      Chest - 17cm to 19cm
      Waist - 14cm to 16cm
      Hips - 17cm to 19cm
      Feet - 5.2cm to 6.0cm

      Here are some examples of immature mini girl bodies:

      Even though immature mini measurements vary, most immature mini girls fit in clothing from Volks, Dollheart, Dollmore, Dream of Doll, Bluefairy and other makers of immature minis.

      2. Mature mini girls

      Mature mini girl measurements usually fall in the following range:
      (this is just from memory)
      Height - 41cm to 44cm
      Head - 6.5 to 7.5 inches
      Bust - 17cm to 19cm
      Waist - 12.5cm to 14cm
      Hips - 17cm to 19cm
      Feet - 5.2cm to 5.6cm

      The main differences of mature minis vs immature is the smaller waist size and well developed breasts. Also the limbs are often slimmer.

      Most seamstresses and small shops who sew for mature mini girls aim for Unoa/Narae size which is about 17-18cm bust, 13cm waist, 19cm hips. some mature minis are skinnier than Unoa and Narae, and some have larger breasts or waist, but most can wear all but the most tightly fitted Unoa/Narae size clothing.

      Narae flanked by Unoas (note - their heads are 6.5 inch which is the low end of standard mini head sizes):
      Nude Unoa:
      Narae, Unoa, Sharmin (a very slim mature mini), and an immature mini

      Fashion mini -
      A third but uncommon size group includes Domuya Flexi Fashion. This size has more of the proportions of a 16-inch fashion doll with significantly smaller head, hands, feet and eyes, and and a slimmer body than the usual mature minis. I think most of the resin BJD's in this size group have been deemed by the moderators as not meeting the BJD criteria for DoA (RanD Angels, Sybarites, Jigamaree's Dae Jang Geum, and the male type of one of them, and I think Hautelier Ian and Miso cannot be discussed on DoA). The ones that are allowed, as far as I know, are Unoa 2.0 (a more fashion size Unoa sold one time), Domuya Flexi Fashion, Orientdoll Dae size males and females, and possibly a male doll called Mensajero (not sure about that one). I don't think you'll find much if any clothing sold for these sizes at the places that sell BJD clothing. I think the females in this size group generally wear approximately Tyler-size fashion doll clothing. Some of the slimmest "standard" mature minis also fit in some pieces of Tyler clothing since the bust sizes are similar.

      To show the size difference between a fashion-size mini and the usual size minis:

      Unoa 1.0, Unoa 1.5 with large bust part, Unoa 2.0

      Orientdoll Tae on the right, with a group of mostly 6.5-inch headed mature mini girls:

    11. Thanks everyone for the really helpful information. I think Venus is lovely and is very similar to the larger Fin too. It is a shame that she is on the smaller size as I wanted a more standard MSD sized doll.

      Thankyou also for all the wonderful pics, I am learning more each day about the bjd world.

      Penny in IL - you are right your dolls are fabulous and I may purchase one in the near future. I love their mature look and their faceups are stunning. Thankyou
    12. This thread is a little bit old so I was wondering if somebody had bought a flexi fashion recently :)
    13. Does anybody knows the wig size?
    14. If D1 Flexi-fashion is the correct doll, Domuya says 6.5 head here
      (but see next post for a correction to that)

      From the doll listings - they do not list the head size there:

      * Doll Measurement
      * Height: 43cm
      * Circumference of Neck: 6cm
      * Circumference of Chest: 17cm(Large) 16(Normal)
      * Shoulder width: 6.5cm
      * Shoulder to Wrist: 13.5cm
      * Elbow to Wrist: 6cm
      * Length of Back: 9.5cm
      * Waist Line: 11.5cm
      * Circumference of Hip: 17cm
      * Hip to Knee: 13.5cm
      * Knee to Ankle: 11cm
      * Circumference of Ankle: 5cm
      * Foot Size: 4.8cm

    15. Wow ...they do say that ...but Dolls head size is more of a 4.5 -5 ..she is the same size as an Unoa 2 and an Orientdoll Tae , she only takes an 8mm eye ..
      so a 6.5 would swamp her

      ....still wish they would make a boy ...Im holding onto a Tae elf head ..that screams to go on a male version of that body!
    16. Yeah I thought 6.5 sounded odd for a fashion mini.

    17. I asked if they would do a boy ...and got a reply
      Thank you very much for your email and support! (^^) As for a male Flexi Fashion, I am not too sure whether if our company will come out with one.

      I think in the short-run, our company does not have such plan. But if the response from customers are high, I think our company will consider making it! =)

      Thank you very much and have a nice day!~~"

      I can but hope
    18. LuLu...I didn't know the Safi head was so small? I love your doll, she's really unique!

      Penny..your Flexi girls are gorgeous!! You really do nice face ups! Someday I'll get to mine..seems like there's so much to do before.
    19. Thanks for asking Domuya about he male body tinybear...doesn't sound to promising, but if there's a petition, I'll sign.;)