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Domuya D1-Flexi Perennial Girl Body

Jul 2, 2007

    1. i really hope somone knows how to navigate the site-i want to b one of the first 50 of course, and if they are for sale tonight...i will miss out
    2. Well from re-reading the site, it sounds like the body itself will be on sale up until they stop selling the flexi bodies in August, you get the free Fin head while the body is on sale. The first 50 orders get a free head (aside from the Fin head by the sounds of it and a free face-up), 3 free wigs and 3 free eyes up until the 50th order. Then you get an extra head, 3 free wigs and 3 free eyes up until the 50th order. Then you just get a half price body, free Fin Head, 2 wigs and 2 eyes until the 150 order. Then you just get a free Fin head and Flexi body for $260 until August. I don't think the last lot of Flexi bodies sold out that quickly even with the promotion. It could well be 24 hours before the first lot go, if not longer. You appear to get the normal 60cm Flexi body and then there is a "Super Model Leg Kit" which takes the body up to 68cm. You have to buy that separately, it looks like, if you read down to the end of the page.

    3. I know what you mean about the starting time for this event being confusing. If they meant GMT + (positive) 7, then they are taking their time from I don't know what, and if they meant - (negative) 7, then they are going by either the Mountain Standard or Pacific Daylight time. Then again they could be going by the time in Korea. Good luck btw to everyone who is going to order one of these gorgeous gals, I hope everyone will post pictures once they make it to their new owners!
    4. You have to be a member to buy things from Domuya. I joined and tested it out and found that was what needed to be done. Hope that helps.
    5. I was hoping as they'd updated the flexi bodies, they might have changed the feet. I know they're awful at standing. I see they've altered the body to help, but I think the feet were part of the problem. Still, I get the feeling that this girl is meant to be horizontal anyway.

      PS. Is it just me or does she look like she's got implants? LOL.
    6. Yep, I agree Hobbysue. I also was looking at the Mecha Angel Sabik, and it occurred to me that they might look very well together. It must be the long torso and legs that they both have.
    7. Ok, that's very evil. I like the flexibody I currently have...but I really like the new one too! D:

      NO FAIR. :...(
    8. Well, I sincerely doubt I'm getting in on most of the promotion since I still need to save the money, but I'd love to get Fin. Especially an on-sale Fin XDD I've been eyeing D1 Fay, too, so if I'm incredibly lucky and end up one of the first hundred who get a free head, I suppose that's what I'll get ^__^
    9. can anyone help me with the time think.

      Now its 10,47 am here, what should the time be before the event, can see she is on sale now, so am I to late ?
    10. The sale has been on for an hour and a half now. I've bought a normal skin girl. I can't wait to get her.
    11. i bought the normal and tan skin girl,( i guess one will be a body for one of the floating head as two finns will be a bit wierd maybe) i really love them.
      I send mail to them as i didn't know when we will now if we get early bird gifts.
      they will send out mass mails for the lucky ones ( i'm lucky :fangirl: and sleepy, was on very early and number 19)
      i hope there are still early bird packages left for those who wanted them...
      hugs lamira
    12. How did You know, that You have number 19?
      I bought one. too. Where can I see this?
    13. I just went bonkers over the sculpt! Went ahead and took the plunge - for that price you can't beat it. Anyone have measurements for these girls? She looks very slender...maybe Iplehouse Silvia size?
    14. She's more like a model doll from Dollmore, especially with that fabulous height. Fits some of the tops that I have for Sd16girls, and some sd13 tops too.

      My minimee on the flexi-perennial body

      hands are swooningly gorgeous
    15. Goodness, I just read the website...and am a bit confused. Is the body 68cm alone? Or is that with a head?

      Either way it foils my plan since Roni is supposed to be short, lucky for my checkbook I guess. XD
    16. the doll (w/ head) will be 68cm with the 'model kit', but 63cm with the normal legs....:)
    17. Thanks, evildolly! She's totally goregous, I wish I could justify bringing another character home right now...but I'll have to keep her in mind! I love tall girls! :D
    18. This may be a stupid question, but is she resin? Or is she vinyl like the DD1's and 2's?

      If she is resin, I am sorely tempted to buy her....
    19. I *think* I ordered...but I didn't get an email from them. It did take me all the way to the Paypal link to pay, but I held off paying, in case I qualify for any freebies...will not paying right away hurt my chances of qualifying? I did send them an email inquiring about it so hopefully I'll hear back soon with some good news.