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Domuya D1-Flexi Perennial girl Saisha and boy Venturo

Dec 5, 2007

    1. I feel like a bit of a twit....:blush My new girl isn't Venturo or Saisha!!
      Her name is Ida and she will be released at the end of this this month or early next year......:) Sorry for any confusion......

      Yuna-Ki......I am in love with them too!!!! But I am a bit confused??

      I received my new D1 Flexi Perennial girl last week. Not knowing what she would look like? Now that I have seen the official pictures I'm not sure who I have? is it Venturo or Saisha head that I have........:? :roll:

      Here are some pics....



      It's hard for me to tell without her face-up but it looks more like Venturo to me? Her name is Ida............Yay.......

      xen :)
    2. Xen, i think you do have Venturo, but he makes a great girl ! :aheartbea
    3. I agree with Sunshine, that looks Venturo to me. Though It is hard to tell~

      Shes very pretty, Especially the second pic shes so angelic :aheartbea
    4. It looks more like a Saisha to me because of the nose. But it is hard to compare faces sometimes when one has a face-up and the other doesn't. I just order Venturo. I will revisit this thread when he arrives and let you know how closely they resemble each other. I ordered my Venturo without a face-up.
    5. I am totally smitten with Vanuto :)
    6. That boy body is just...GAH. I didn't think they could make a boy body as hot as the female Perennial body, but they managed. :nosebleed And they're both such handsome headmolds....oh, I do like what Domuya's doing with this line. :aheartbea

      Xen, from what I can tell holding your pictures next to pictures from Domuya, you got Saisha after all. She's a lovely girl, even without faceup. :aheartbea
    7. The guy body intrigues me. :) I can't wait for someone to get one so I can see some comparisons with some other dolls for size. :D

    8. Venturo....hot damn! He is one hot little man! But as much as I would like to get him...do ya think he would fit Hound size clothing?
    9. Does this mean they will not ever be selling Fin again?

      Edited because I just saw a post saying that they would not be. That's kind of a shame. I never did get her in white. I guess I will have to adjust to her in normal.
    10. Soooo, did anyone order/receive their Christmas doll?
    11. Yes...I got mine. They delivered on 12-22-07. I was just about to get my camera out and take a picutre or two. I got Venturo no face up with normal skin.
    12. Did somebody received a Saisha? I would like to see pictures of her:)
    13. Bumping for more images? I'm wondering if the NS Flexi-Perennial resin is the same color as the NS regular flexi-bodies.
    14. My Saisha is in customs~ I'll post pics when she gets here ^^ (should be soon! squee!! :3 )
    15. I can't wait to see her!
    16. Congrats on your Saisha, Yuna-Ki. She's lovely!

      I'd love to get my hands on that boy body myself XD
    17. *giggles* this thread hasnt been responded too in a long time but i want to chat up with some perennial owners. I recently fell in love with Saisha. And its a shame im unemployed or else id totally snatch up the one in the marketplace...

      But i want to see more images and chat with owners and see what they think! Enable me guys! even though it will be a long time before i can actually own one. ;_; woes me! but still i want to talk lanky girls with you guys! Ok i'll stop now before the silly becomes un-readable.