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Domuya Doll, Fin [dolly nudity]-Teaser pics of new 68cm-flexi body

Jul 1, 2007

    1. Domuya's latest girl is a statuesque stunner, she's 68cm tall and on a brand new smexy flexi-body. <3

      I hear that she will be available next week!

      Not for minors :D Body teaser pics

      information avail on http://www.domuya.com/

      She's going for the promo price of $260 w/ gifts~!




    2. Oooohhh...she looks like a larger version of the flexi fashion. VERY cool. Do we have any idea yet what the price range will be? Limited or general release (or, knowing Domuya, limited FOLLOWED by general release)?
    3. Is this body to replace the current flexibody, or in addition to it?
      I wonder if it will be available as an option part...?
    4. From what I understand, the body will be sold separately, and its in addition to its regular flexi line.

      Price-wise there's supposed to be a special introductory price for its release but I'm not sure what that includes.

    5. Full body pics!:D


    6. Did anybody notice this:
      "After 15the August 2007, which will officially mark an end to our Flexi Project, and Domuya will retire her entire line of Flexi products (D1-F30, D1-F60, D1-FF and D1-Flexi Perennial)."

      Anyway, that new body is a must-have...
    7. Where is the jewerly from? I love that very much!
      Can I order it?
    8. It says the sale startes the 3rd...it is the third over there right? Am I reading it wrong? I want to be one of the first 50 orders so I can get the mega gift bundle :)
    9. I read ordering open from 07-03-07 to 08-15-07. Then all of Domuya is over, not just this sale? I am confused and nervous as I don't have my D-30 Potpourri yet... Granted, the verbage in the news releases is sort of awkward, I may be misreading it.
    10. well-if i am not mistaken here in illinois the doll would then be for sale TODAY! that's right- 7:00 PM. that is based on this statement:

      D1-Flexi Perennial, Domuya best and last series in our D-1 Flexi Project, will be releasing on 3rd Jul 2007 0001hrs (GMT-7)on a one time sales basis

      now that's if they mean midnight-an hour later if they meant one o'clock
      god-i want this badly, and they won't even make it clear where exactly to buy on the website. i can't even fgure out how to buy any other dolls from them-only how to see them this is upsetting me. has anyone purchased from them recently?

      @rikki the doll would be for sale @9 pm for you assuming they meant 1'oclock (otherwise 8) Tonight. South bend isn't GMT-7
    11. No-I don't think they meant that. Only they will not be co-making dolls with the other company anymore. they were only making flexi-bodies, though i don't know if they will no longer sell any flexi bodies
    12. I assumed they meant 12:00am on the 3rd there time but 1:00pm their times makes a little more sence. I will be bitting my nails till 9pm my time :)

      Edit: I just got an e-mail from Domuya


      Thank you so much for your interest. It is 3pm (GMT+Eight) or 12:00am (Eastern Time), 3rd July.

      Best Regards,


    13. can anyone help me with the time think.

      Now its 10,47 am here, what should the time be before the event, can see she is on sale now, so am I to late ?
    14. They are available for purchase now.

      What's included in the package (from the site):

      Product includes:
      * 1 D1- Flexi Perennial Female Body, the latest Flexi body.
      * 1 Free Fin head by Domuya-TAS (with this package only)
      * D1- Flexi Perennial are available in 3 skin tones, normal, white and light tan.
      * D1- Flexi Perennial comes standard with 64cm version, Super model version is available by adding a "Super Model Kit", which will turn your D1- Flexi Perennial into a 68cm version.
      * Wigs, eyes and makeup are optional.
      * Package might be eligible for "Early Bird Gifts" Set, please check domuya.com or domuya.net frontpage for more detail.
      * Body blushing service is available at extra cost.
      * Optional High Heel feet is available through purchase of the "Super Model Kit".
      * Outfits are NOT Included.

      Size compatibility
      * D1- Flexi Perennial (64cm)are backwards compatible with D1-F60 in terms of head, outfits, shoes and wigs.
      * D1- Flexi Perennial "Super Model Version"(68cm)are backwards compatible with D1-F60 in terms of head, outfits(tops only), shoes and wigs.

      About Super Model Kits
      * Want to turn your D1-Flexi Perennial into a Super Model? With a even longer and Slender legs? If so, this is the kit you might want to consider.
      * Set includes a pair of leg replacement for D1-Flexi Perennial, which turns your D1-Flexi Perennial into a 68cm beauty. Also included is a high heel feet for your D1-Flexi Perennial, what is a Super Model without proper heel ?:P

      Pricing Considerations (in US dollars)
      * $260 promotional price for basic product including head
      * $35 for basic makeup
      * $50 for custom makeup
      * $30 for light tan skin option
      * $50 for Super Model package (includes longer legs and high heel feet)
      * $60 Flat-rate shipping to US (sorry ... don't know for other destinations)

    15. Can we order her today? Does anyone know yet?
    16. Do you have the ordering link?
    17. Ordering is open now yes, use the link i provided a few replies up to go directly to their site.
    18. Quoted from their website.