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Domuya - Doll Restock

Aug 20, 2004

    1. This thread is for posting Domuya'a new items as they are released. This is for doll restocks and new doll announcements. Please post the item's name, size, price, and other details if available. If possible, please also provide a direct link to the item.

      Please ONLY post updates to this information, rather than chat or discussion. For the News Forum posting rules, click here.
    2. Quite a few people were asking about the Bride especially, and those little evil Bobos :cake:


      I am in :aheartbea with Isabelle & Rei! Someone get them please before I do sometihing my wallet will regret. Uriel is not helping by whispering in my ear about his Bride.
    3. Rei and Isabelle for$780 each...that's not a bad price for a unique one-off. The sleeping headmold is described as the only one.

      Yang with his bokken is a prototype, to be released later. Isn't it interesting how many older boys the companies are tempting us with?
    4. OMG, I just found there was a page two! Ying is another one-off, and Arielle and Jedtas are limited to 25 each.

      I HATE being broke! <grumble, grumble>
    5. I like the Bobo ...has anyone seen any pictures of the body ?
      I would like to see a body picture
    6. there are pictures of the bobo body here
    7. It was on the tip of my tongue to say that Jedtas' outfit looked like the Valentine's Day 2005 outfits from Dollheart, then I scrolled down and saw that the outfit is by Dollheart.

      I'm unable to get back into Domuya's site (:x ) so I can't check for myself, but did Dollheart do any of the other designs?
    8. If i remember correctly its just Jedtas & Arielle's outfits that were by Dollheart, when I visited Hong Kong, Dollheart was carrying Domuya dolls! It was pretty exciting :)
    9. Hi Dear all DOA Members,

      We have to apologise for the long wait and delays we have in updating the items below. But nevertheless, they are now available and please do hurry over to www.domuya.net and take a look! More updates will be following in the next few days-weeks.

      For our Event Exclusive dolls (only one piece each), they are available for purchase now at: http://domuya.net/searchresult.aspx?categoryid=3

      For our D1 Flexi Female Body, it can be found at: http://domuya.net/searchresult.aspx?categoryid=34

      For new D1-60 Outfits, they are at: http://domuya.net/searchresult.aspx?categoryid=23

      Please do visit often for more updates and please feel free to send us email if you have any enquiries.

      Thank you very much Everyone!
    10. he is very nice...wish they had a nude shot to see his body
    11. They say, that Zen has the normal O.N.E. boy body. (which is not the hottest one around for my taste) That&#180;s what it looks like:


      here are the measurements of the body:

      D-1 60 Male

      Tall: 60.5cm
      Circumference of Neck: 9cm
      Circumference of Chest: 25.5cm
      Shoulder Width: 13cm
      Length of Arm from Shoulder to Wrist: 19cm
      Length from Elbow to Wrist: 9cm
      Length of Back: 14cm
      Circumference of Waist: 20.5cm
      Circumference of Hips: 25cm
      Length from Hips to Knee: 19cm
      Length from Knee to ankle: 12cm
      Circumference of Ankle: 8.5cm
      Foot Size: 7.5cm

      picture shows different boy head:

    12. I asked Domuya a few questions. This was their answer:

      Hello Dear Gabriele,

      Thank you very much for your email! For D1-Zen's head, his circumference is
      22cm (8.7"). And if you do choose makeup, he will come with the default
      makeup as soon in the product pictures. If you are referring to the product
      pictures of Zen in domuya.net, actually all of the picture has the same
      makeup and it is the same doll. We have just changed the wig and the eyes
      colors. Makeup remains the same.

      Thus, if you emphasis that you want Zen with the same makeup in picture (1),
      then we will inform our artist and make sure that he has the same makeup
      although that is what they will do. (^^)

      As for Zen, at this moment, there is no intention to just sell his head. He
      comes only as a complete doll. Optional heads are only available for:

      (1) Syon/Fay
      (2) Michelle/Mike
      (3) Ran
      (4) Mai

      And if you want to see the physics of our doll body, it can be seen here:

      Though the head is not Zen's head. But the body used will be the same
      standard body. (^^)

      Thank you very much and please do let me know if you need further

      Kind Regards,
    13. he's on ebay?? link??

      ah well i see the prototype in domuya the other day.... not bad, too bad i love his body only.... hahahaha
    14. *feels dumb* I couldn't find a picture of the 60cm boy body...could someone link one? I like this guy, and maybe he won't look half-starved like hound <3
    15. Is that jointed feet I see? O.O
    16. yeah... it is jointed feet , if you looked through all the pages , you can see that it can do some pretty cool poses :ablink: and it says also that it stands by its own and all you wont need to restring and wire it and stuff ! i think it would come in handy =p