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Domuya Faith

Nov 24, 2008

    1. Hi all,
      I didn't find a thread for this beautiful girl so I thought I could start one.
      I also would like to ask to anyone else that ordered her. Do you happen to know who are the limited head we are getting as a bonnus? It says it is a limited head. Does this mean it will be a head from the limited editions? I never ordere from domuya and thought this was a bit confusing... Also, Aren't we able to choose the head?
    2. i emailed domuya with questions about the head, i was wondering if it was an exsisting head or if they could show pictures, if ir was female or male or that you could choose from lets say saisha or alice
      this was what i got back:

      For the free limited edition head, that would be something that is not shown before and will not be sold at a later stage other than obtaining her through this package.

      Hence, “she” being Alice or Saisha is already out of the option. Sorry~~~

      But as for the picture, We will put it up as soon as we get it.

      they didn't told me if it was an male or female head, but i guess if it's an male i will sell it or if it's drop dead gorgeos it can stay (i may only have one male from myself, but there's no limetation on the females however....)

      i ordered my package and i could have it as an x-mass gift my bofriend sid when i wanted to pay him back, so she will be laying under the christmass tree if they are quick, i was the 18th faith orderer and they will process according to the queue.i hope she will be here before christmass, i would love to see her under that tree...

    3. oh, thank you lamira! I am so excited to get Faith. She is just so beautiful!!! I don't think I was one of the first to order her, but as I will be traveling for Christmas, I hope she arrive after I went back home...
      Now I am a lot curious about the event head! I was kind of hopeful I would receive Alice, but now I can't wait to see when they start to arrive. Yes for secret gifts! :D
    4. yeah i was hoping to choose a alice as well, but the kinda destroyed that dream with their nice mail...
      they said a picture will be on site, but i have no idea when...
      i heard on the waiting room tread that they were planning on shipping the first batch on manday, but that would be really really quick and i don't see any of that on the site...i hope they arrive some before christmass tough, but not like a month before that is soo cruel, looking at that box and waiting to open it till christmass

    5. I understand what you mean...
      But I would never, even in a million years, have the the willpower to wait. I think the box will be oppened as soon as she gets here. ( Presuming I won't be out of town of course) LOL!!!
    6. Hi, I know this is a super old thread, but I wonder if anyone got their free head with the Faith doll? I've recently come into ownership of a free head and am trying to track its origins; if it is the same head that was offered in the event, and if it has a name?

      Here are pictures of it in my identification thread.

      Thank you very much for the help in advance!