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Domuya Flexi-2 Male Body Release Special and Warehouse Clearance

Jun 28, 2010

    1. First of all, I would like to say that I am not at all affiliated with Domuya. I just stalk their website!

      The following info is taken from Domuya's website:

      Flexi 2 Male Debut Special Promotion


      It has been 9 months since the day of Flexi 2 Female body launched, with the successful and well accepted Flexi 2 Female, we are please to present to you the Flexi 2 Male.

      Other than those Early adopters of Flexi 2 Female, whom will now enjoy an instant 50% discount off MSRP (via coupon), we would also like to extend the excitement to the rest of the doll community! Please read on for what we have brought to you with Flexi 2 Male.
      For a very limited time (till 3rd July 2010), or 60 pcs in total (which ever comes first), you will be able to enjoy the following amazing deals!

      Each set of Flexi 2 Male Debut Special Package will include the following:
      -One D1 Flexi 2 Male Body
      -One FREE newly release male Tengu Face Plate.
      -By utilizing the Secret Code hidden in this page, you will enjoy instant 40% of the MSRP off Flexi 2 Male Body.
      -An extra SGD$20 off MSRP before any discount applied if you choose the “I will assemble my own Flexi!” option.
      -1+1 Couples Bonus! - with the purchase of “Flexi 2 Male Debut” Special Package, you will be entitle to get purchase another Flexi 2 Female body at half price!
      For more detail information and design concept on our Flexi 2 Body, please follow this “Introducing Flexi 2” link.
      Special Note:
      1.Both 50% off MSRP coupon (available from 2009 “Fin” or “Faith” Special Package) and 40% off MSRP coupon (available from Domuya Flexi 2 Male Debut secret code) is valid with this special package, but only one coupon can be used at one time.
      2. “Flexi 2 Male Debut” Special Package will be available till 3rd July 2010 only for all customers or,
      3.Only 60 sets of this “Flexi 2 Male Debut” Special Package will be available for sale during this sales period.
      4.Thus, it is possible that the “Flexi 2 Male Debut” Special Package sales may end earlier if the total number of set limit has reached.
      5.Each customer is only entitled to 1 set per order. (customer can placed multiple order, subject to availability).
      6.We will have a “kit” version too, if you do not mind assembling your own Flexi 2 Male, we will shave another SGD$20 off from the final total : ) and “kit” version will also ship faster!
      7.Free Tengu head will come unpainted.
      8.1+1 Couple Bonus order must be place at the same time as “D1 Flexi 2 Male Debut” Special Package. The SGD$274 will be billed to you separately after you have successfully check out your order.
      9.All “Flexi 2 Male Debut” Special Package (60 sets) will complete fulfillment latest by 3rd August 2010, or your money back!

      Product page HERE
    2. Along with the new Flexi-2 male release, Domuya is also holding a massive warehouse clearance sale! Items include outfits, sharply discounted bodies, and more!

      From Domuya's website:

      July Madness Stock Clearance Sales

      Domuya July Madness Stock Clearance Sales had begun, more and more items will be listed over the next few days! Please check out the Warehouse Clearance Category!!! Up to 80% off on Outfits, Up to 70% off on Dolls and many more!
      Stock Clearance sale will be held from 25 June 2010 - 3rd July 2010 or while stock last!

      Discounted products viewable HERE and HERE.
    3. Does anyone know if they accept layaway payment plans?
    4. From a quick skim through the Domuya waiting room it seems as though people have mentioned having dolls on layaway with them. So I would assume the answer is yes. You should probably e-mail them at support@domuya.net just to make sure though!